The Young Superstar Innovator's Optimism

As I bear my innovator’s resolve, I’m still learning how to be a superstar innovator and I’m a young superstar innovator as I’m on this awesome journey.

The Current State of Affairs

I’m involved in the great task of coming up with a viable game product idea. This is a hard problem and I’ve been seriously solving it for about a fortnight at least.

While performing this labor, I experience the temptation to pivot from the video game market space to another market space, like artificial intelligence/machine learning.

But I have previously proclaimed that I am committed to making a video game and that my word is my honor.

That thing called honor appears to be a threat to my ambition and we know what to do with threats to our ambitions: destroy them with relentlessness and enthusiasm. I am an entrepreneur with the means to make such a controversial decision and I am committed to achieving the ultimate success I seek, after all.

But as I operate alone with only my great strength at my side, I decide not to pivot to another market space right now for my strength that I currently have suffices for the task at hand. I only need to continue to endeavor to achieve a viable game product idea with the belief that such an effort will ultimately bear great fruit.

March 12, 2019