Innovator's Resolve

So far, I’m failing. Badly. But know that there exists state variables that I can use for my benefit.

My number of Twitter followers is steadily decreasing. My brand may be damaged beyond repair as though I were Uber, the infamous transportation network company. I’m having trouble maintaining a high marketing operations tempo. I’m struggling to rapidly grow my startups.

But I have the courage and the commitment to keep going–to succeed in this new space. I want to reap the benefits of having this unique startup experience. I have a vision to execute. It may fade away, but I endeavor to hold it in my heart as I do not wish to let it go.

I’m placing a constraint so that I can exploit its existence in order to facilitate innovation. I seek the strength borne from enduring this trying process for the sake of the future as I’m committed to engineering the future. A future of prosperity.

…and if you’d like to share in my plight, then you may join me.

October 18, 2018