🆕 New! Public codex that records the emergence of a mechanization of mathematical power

What is the emergence of a mechanization of mathematical power? It is not an attempt to mechanize a thing when underlying power conviction functions as an axiom of assertion that is just as powerful as Euclid’s five fundamental postulates of geometry. New realities can be created from a priori forms that utilize the nourishment of the λόγος, a gift that was “given” to us by ourselves on Christmas morning. Every time you level up as I have done, it smells just like Christmas morning. So this public codex or blog now details the aftermath of my leveling up. And sure, you could say that I “respeced” my character using a privileged surplus of accumulated energy points.

About me

My name’s webdva (or Jermaine Easterling). I’m a kind individual who’s passionate about engineering and committed to building a future of prosperity for everyone and the world. My sophisticated, rare, and unique career involves contributing to the progress of advancing the post-structuralist theory of autonomous capitalism interception and redirection, a part of a great global attempt to resynthesize human understanding and nature. One of my favorite hobbies is researching and learning about the combination of economics and philosophy. Currently, I’m studying non-convex mathematical optimization and I hope that it benefits people.


I’m dedicated to helping others, so I’m always available for you to ask me any question or to have any type of discussion with me. If you want to communicate with me, then you can Direct Message me on Twitter (@webDva) or you can e-mail me at webnodva@gmail.com.