The Reward of Ambition

I’m gaining experience in 3D game development and my capabilities are improving.

I learned how to effectively rig a 3D model for animation. It involved using weight painting.

Weight painting

I improved my ability to use and my understanding of Blender’s dope sheet utility for animation compared to when I made my first 3D animation. And I finally resolved the issue of applying transformations in Blender for exporting 3D models for use in external applications.

So, I was able to implement a 3D animation with the result being as I intended.

I created a simple 3D character.


I made a mistake as a startup founder

I made a critical mistake of trying to optimize for a high number of users. I had a large bias toward marketing which was a mistake. I made this mistake because of a set of cognitive distortions and cognitive biases.

The simplest solution was actually the best solution to have selected and the simplest solution is to actually neglect marketing (albeit not entirely) and allocate all efforts to the engineering of the product (also not entirely). This will be beneficial to both me and my future players.

December 16, 2018