Challenges While Performing in a 3D Development Space

A report on recent obstacles that appeared while starting up a 3D multiplayer game.

3D modeling and animation errors

3D animation gone wrong

The animation armatures as depicted by the white line sticking out of the character are not in the correct position and that explains why the resulting animation imported into the Babylon.js game framework was not what I intended it to be. It likely happened due to the improper application of transformations while operating the Blender 3D modeling utility.

This discovery would not have happened if it was not for Babylon.js’s commendable 3D space debugging Inspector utility. I conclude that such a utility is essential when performing in a 3D development environment.

Babylon.js mesh issue

In addition to the above animation issue, I also have trouble with using meshes that are imported into the Babylon.js engine. This is due to the way Babylon.js implements 3D asset importation which differs from what I’m used to with the Phaser 2D game development framework.

Three dimensional camera challenge

The greatest of these current technical issues is that of the nature of the 3D camera and player character movement that I originally envisioned and am trying to realize. Combined with learning to operate the Babylon.js game development framework and operating in 3D game space for the first time, in addition to having unique constraints, the difficulty of this challenge is extremely high.

The utility of great integrity

As these obstacles appear, precious time is being deducted from vital elements of the grand system that I’m engineering and operating. This difficulty leads to the question of what kind of system I want to engineer and operate.

My integrity calls for a successful Initial Product Release before the end of this month of December. Not only must that requirement be met, but my integrity also has determined that great self-control is needed to optimize for the satisfaction of a small player segment rather than the satisfaction of a larger segment of the total addressable player/gamer population. The optimization of these two factors is predicted to result in the achievement of the desirable effect of releasing a product in time and the beginning of market traction for a 3D multiplayer game.

This proposed optimization action will, at the same time, result in the apparent neglect of some product factors and this prospect impacts the cognitive-behavioral state of the engineer and project manager (i.e., me), but the inherent self-control required by the integrity will resolve that response.

December 6, 2018