I Made My First 3D Animation

I’m learning appropriate basic 3D modeling and animation and I improved from my previous 3D modeling training session.

3D Animation

It took almost forty minutes to render just that one animation scene. Or maybe I just used the Blender 3D modeling utility inefficiently due to my low level of experience.


The model is low quality as is the animation, but this performance is acceptable due to performance being the most flexible constraint of the program that this effort is part of.

I’m going to remove the ears for this art asset, but I’m going to return to implementing such features in the future. This notion of having the means to create such additional content gives me the inclination to engineer the sub-system of purchasable additional content for the 3D multiplayer game that I’m starting up. In fact, it would be a much better business model if I used in-game purchases instead of relying on unreliable sponsors and advertisers. This would make for a much better overall system or product too and it’s due to me now being able to make 3D assets. Thank goodness for the successful acquisition of these 3D modeling and animation capabilities.

I find 3D modeling and animation to be much more favorable than 2D pixel art. And now I can make 3D games.

The report for this quarter is going to be excellent.

Privilege Check and Gratitude

Long ago, in years of yore, a great negative reality appeared. As it appeared, so too did great courage and strength for there exists the divine with the grotesque. So then was the birth of greater courage and strength along with commitment, a privilege to hold and an effect not to forsake.

The Realization of a Dream

Now in present days, even greater courage and strength are being nurtured, especially as the negative reality of having an unfilled ambition exists. A great program of prosperity was started up to achieve the effect of the fulfillment of that ambition.

May greater courage and strength be utilized for the success of that program of prosperity.

December 1, 2018