The effect of progress has been achieved

I resolved two of the challenges presented in the previous report.

3D Camera and player character movement

I succeeded in creating a basic 3D camera and player character movement subsystem. The player character is now able to move forward, backward, and strafe left and right with the direction of movement being a function of the camera’s direction.

Demonstration of movement

As I operate in this new space, I’m obtaining new sciences and making new technologies that will aid me in this challenging endeavor; I’m learning how to make a 3D game with these efforts.

Animating 3D models imported into Babylon.js

I succeeded in learning how to properly animate meshes imported into the Babylon.js framework.

The problem was that the mesh wasn’t moving, appearing to not respond to movement commands. The reason was that the mesh was being animated instead of the animation skeleton. This animation of the mesh rather than its skeleton caused its position to be continuously set by the animation thereby preventing movement translations.

The lesson learned is that a mesh imported into the Babylon.js framework must have its skeleton animated rather than the mesh itself.

I still have to gain the capability to properly apply transformations in the Blender 3D modeling utility as the current 3D character model that is being used still has its animation armatures positioned incorrectly.

A change in program direction

I’m committed to engineering and operating a system of success.

I may decide, as the program manager, to tolerate a six month initial product development time, since the data says that this decision is more favorable than having a short initial product development time of one month for such an ambitious goal of a 3D multiplayer game that appeals to players.

Great self-control will be needed to endure the six months of initial product development. Having the ambition to endure that trying process (in addition to functioning with adverse conditions) will also be a required utility factor, among other utility factors such as possessing and employing great skill.

This decision is a huge risk. And failure is not an option for there is no other way.

But fret not for I have installed eternal courage–courage that is ever present–into this great system that I’m making and using.

Cognitive distortions and cognitive biases frequently create distortions of realities and unfavorable actions, but eternal courage is always there to resolve them.

Not only does courage exist, but fine integrity does as well. I got what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I got the right stuff.

My vision for this startup is a 3D multiplayer online game where you can make friends, make enemies, and become famous by reaching the top of a leaderboard.

This effect will only be achieved by initially engineering a simple system and by successfully functioning as an ambitious salesman.

December 8, 2018