Starting up a multiplayer game

I’m actually starting up and making a multiplayer game.

It’s a browser game so it’s going to be very convenient to play it. And it’s multiplayer so you can play it online. With other people. Over the internet. You won’t need to have any friends in order to play this game because this will be an accessible game for lonely people who don’t have friends.

I’m committed to facilitating accessibility with the products I make.

Project constraints

For me to make a browser-based StarCraft 2 would be ideal and optimal, but performance (quality and scale wise) is the most flexible constraint as I have a mandate to fulfill before this decade is out. Cost used to be the most flexible constraint for the program that this project is part of, but I changed it.

So, I’m allowed to fail to make a game that is the likes of Fortnite. At least for now until conditions change in the future.

With these constraints in place, I’m looking for something that’s really simple and innovative. Like, really simple and innovative.

Technical stuff

Nonetheless, this is what I got so far.

.gif of work done so far

What’s happening in the above screenshot is that player input in one browser tab is affecting the game state in the other browser tab.

To aid me with the networked multiplayer aspect of this startup, I’m using the Socket.IO library. I’m quite satisfied with its Socket construct and it works perfectly for me with my circumstances.

The Phaser HTML5 game development framework is used on the browser side to display game event updates to the players, although I should probably discontinue its use in order to force simplicity.

Business model

I have yet to concretely define the economic problem I’m solving and I have yet to define my target audience (even though I totally wrote that paragraph at the beginning of this codex entry).

Nonetheless, the planned and proposed business model for this startup consists of me not only aggressively marketing to my future players, but also cold-calling potential advertiser prospects who may like the idea of buying the advertising space that this product can have. I can do that now with my new marketing skills. I even have the courage to literally walk into a target prospect’s place of business and then pitch my advertising opportunity to them as I have the commitment to achieving success.

What kind of startup founder or indie maker would I be if I didn’t use such an innovative process?

I play to win.

November 4, 2018