Project Gemini

Introducing Project Gemini.

Not only is the fulfillment of my ambition at stake and not only is my very existence at stake, but so too is my honor. I said that I was committed to making a 3D multiplayer game for the players and my word is my honor and I’ve the courage to uphold that honor, despite anything.

After encountering unexpected challenges, it has been determined that there exists a capability gap that must be addressed before a 3D multiplayer game can be made. So, after consideration, I’m starting up a single player 3D game that will help me gain experience in 3D game development.

The data and experience that will be gained with this 3D single player game project will address the capability gap needed to develop a 3D multiplayer game as this is a new development space for me of which I have no previous experience in. The development and release of a single player game has much less complexity involved with it than that of a persistent online multiplayer 3D game. The management, engineering, and marketing experience gained from this Gemini project will function as a bridge to possessing the desired capabilities.

It is possible that Project Gemini can solely accomplish the Prosperity program’s ultimate objective, but exercising the self-control to not optimize for a quick financial success may be beneficial to the 3D multiplayer game’s success.

The Prosperity program

The ultimate goal of the Prosperity program is to converge to a local maximum of prosperity as an independent hacker before this decade is out. That is, before the year 2020, the Prosperity program must be successful in facilitating a means of income as a technology entrepreneur with the performance of establishing a small amount of revenue being acceptable.

December 12, 2018