Founder's Commitment

If I fail, it would be because I did not have the ambition to do the right thing in addition to not having the strength to do the right thing. And the right thing to do is to win at any cost for I play to win.

The answers I now seek cannot be found in books, internet forums, and definitely not from asking others as I’m traversing a new space. So instead, I’m engaging in activities such as analyzing competitor technology and exploiting competitors by learning from their mistakes and deficiencies. Their mistakes and deficiencies primarily consist of having insufficient marketing capabilities and failing to be aware of the great cognitive biases that they possess while engaging in engineering activities.

I’m competing with the famous Fortnite video game. I’m competing with the Aion MMORPG. And I’m competing with fellow independent makers who also make video games.

I’m not just a developer. I’m a startup founder, first and foremost, in addition to being a project manager and salesman.

In addition, I’m operating in a consumer market which is an imposing activity. The market is a video game market too and players, people who play video games, are individuals who are very difficult to work with. Their satisfaction will call for a great commitment to addressing their concerns constantly.

But I too was once a player. So I have familiarity with the nature of the product I’m making–the market problem I’m solving–in contrast to the idea of me engaging in a business-to-business (B2B) endeavor of which I have no experience with.

I’m not performing in an optimal state, but I’m still committed to functioning as a startup founder who develops a game product with great skill and enthusiasm.

A great subtask

This goal of making a 3D multiplayer game where players can make friends, make enemies, and become famous by reaching the top of a leaderboard is much more difficult, complex, and ambitious than the goal of making a singleplayer 3D game. But even though I can make a much more simple singleplayer 3D game as my capabilities are increasing, I’m committed to executing that vision of a 3D multiplayer game where players can make friends, make enemies, and become famous by reaching the top of a leaderboard.

I’m assigning myself the task of making a demonstrable game with minimum viable gameplay before the end of December. Not an Initial Product Release, but technology with minimum viable gameplay that can be demonstrated to prospects.

December 10, 2018