When Entrepreneurship is the Only Way

Do the right thing.

I long for the day when I can say “やった!” And so I endeavor to accomplish the Prosperity program’s objective. And as only I can construct the bridge of the river of life on which I must cross, this entry categorizes great knowledge.

I’m endeavoring to achieve a local optimum of prosperity. It is an extremely modest goal, but let us not forget that this noble endeavor is an investment in the future–a future that we are committed to engineer to be one of great prosperity.

And it has to work.

I’m making a technologically advanced product. There are many both known and unknown elements that could cause a catastrophic system failure, a failure of the entire startup endeavor, yet the prospect of success compels me to champion a nondominated solution and so I champion a bona fide process.

And it will work.

Before this decade is out.

To progress toward the desirable end is the right thing to do and we are committed to doing the right thing. We rally our courage from our hearts of love, a passion for nondominated states, while we do the right thing as commanders and lawgivers of life. We command our success to arrive and we conjure laws of the world while engaged in great tasks.

The world often requires that we perform tasks and deeds that we are not passionate about, tasks that our hearts do not long for, such as developing a product whose purpose is to achieve financing but it is a product that is not the ultimate one envisioned in our heart. But that is alright as that is only the case of us being temporarily trapped in a local optimum that others would incorrectly label–and thus wrongly perceive to be–a global optimum. The undesired tasks and deeds are only requirements to be fulfilled.

Not only must you remember why you started, why you chose to embark on your grand endeavors, but you must also remember that what you are doing is right and that it is possible to do in the first place. Because it’s not impossible for you to succeed in mending the world and to endeavor to do so is the right thing to do.

We seek to be at places that we’ve never been before. And so the world requires us to do things that we’ve never done before. With courage of course.

We are often required by the world to uphold the faith that we are right in our actions and that those actions are in fact bearing great fruit for us. If that faith must become an ideal to champion, then so be it. Such is the path of the free spirit–the commander and lawgiver of life.

Regarding our competitors who may be, from the start, permanently stuck in local optima, we often gaze upon them when we raise our heads from our labors. They are people who may lack fitness–courage and strength, unable to achieve desirable effects. Might we have compassion for these poor creatures as the sight of them is often too painful to bear and let us, more importantly, resist their words and philosophies (or those of spectators who speak yet they too are chained to local optima and thus speak with a distorted view of the truth, bearing no use for us) with the great constitutions and resolves that we bear.

Speaking of great, pitiful weakness and inferiority, let us not value patience as a virtue for it is only resignation and an admittance of a lack of strength. I myself am forced to be patient–bearing great weakness–as I have just begun on the advanced path of entrepreneurship that I walk, even with the one year of experience and time that I have. It is easy to resign, especially on a path of such profoundness, but to resign is to not do the right thing. To resign in technology entrepreneurship is to do the wrong thing, unlike the right thing, such as, once embarked, continuing to progress in obtaining greater scientific and engineering capabilities–the seeking of greater strength.

And it is all for my love. It involves a future of nondominated states.

Once convergence to a local optimum of prosperity has been achieved, a nondominated solution of unprecedented values will also have been reached, just as I seek to achieve the same success that the astronauts of yore enjoyed during their conflict of the cold many years ago. May my own program of great labor, the Prosperity program, become as historic as those astronauts’ feat of landing on another heavenly body. I hope to achieve the same kind of success as the Apollo program in this paradigm of technology entrepreneurship. I will be over the moon once revenue has been established as the Prosperity program’s goal is to facilitate divergence from a dominated socioeconomic status.

Might you join me in this journey, scholar of the future? And you, free spirit, as an ally for we both bear the same constitutions and ambitions?

Let us not intrinsically value commitment for it is naught but a tool, a utility, for enabling us to do the right thing. Let us not be defined nor measured by our ambitions for they too serve naught but a purpose, as do many of the other things we value such as strength or even integrity. Like the fantastical sciences and impeccable engineering processes which we have a great taste for, these utilities are simply requirements. Requirements for doing the right thing. Requirements among those such as bearing great skill and even unwavering commitment with the addition of immutable optimism in the face of any great challenge.

So, you, free spirit or not, who is curious to know, who may be oscillating near desired optimums. Seek greater strength. Seek a fiercer curse beyond eternal pain–for that is but a construct of the lawgiver of life. Eternal courage was borne to contend against great foes such as eternal pain (and definitely against the threat of the eternal darkness of life), yet that is but a local optimum as the world commands such a truth.

So seek greater strength.

Do the right thing.

A report on my recent activities

Game design

What I’ve been up to, for well over a fortnight, since this new quarter began, is that I was engaged in a lot of game design trying to achieve a minimum viable category for my commercial goals. To an observer unfamiliar with such technicalities, it would seem that I’m playing video games, but in fact I’m not as I was actually studying them very hard to help me realize my own game concept. As a game designer and developer, my aim is not to derive joy from playing video games but instead to discover truths that might aid me in my own game development endeavors.

I even discovered a flaw with a popular game but I’m not going to reveal that as that is now a proprietary secret of mine that will be used for my success. The reward of the utility of strength and passion.

Creating new multiplayer NPC technology

I made nonplayer characters (NPCs) for a multiplayer video game. My first time creating such really.

They can be aggroed by the player. I created an aggro notification icon and tried to make it look kawaii but it isn’t quite so. I made a de-aggro reseting functionality which may have been an activity with a negative utility factor, but that being true or not depends on the game’s final design goals.

NPC aggro demonstration

You can see that I have found out how to attach one 3D model to another. Yet there is a problem where its rotation is not always correct. It’s unexpected really and the problem influenced me to change the design of the game characters.

Implementing touch screen interfaces

I made a virtual directional pad (D-pad) for mobile devices as I want to support them for this game.

Virtual D-pad

So I have made both a virtual joystick (in the previous game development attempt) and a virtual directional pad. I have these utilities and game development experience in my possession. Useful capital and assets for the future.

Commercial aspects

It would be nice to enjoy the same success that currently reigning and widely popular multiplayer browser games have, having a large customer base to serve. But I choose to instead target a niche. My ultimate goal is to pivot from such a state and position and reach higher levels which would include the satisfaction of large markets.

So I’m endeavoring to make a particular type of game.

One hundred bot clients

So I don’t need to concern myself with supporting over a hundred users right now–this year, despite me having been wrongly developing the product for such an end. For me to have $O(n^2)$ collision detection execution times right now is acceptable as the foundation of the product–the core gameplay–is more important right now.

And the issue of marketing? It involves a simple solution as I can afford to manually acquire users with my new selling abilities that I have and I don’t need to acquire many users due to the Prosperity program’s objective and constraints.

I only need one paying user. Zero to $n$ revenue. Then that will be scaled by orders of magnitude in the future. And I’m committed to, with great courage, integrity, optimism, faith, hope, and confidence–the requirements for having a positive mental attitude, engineering such a future.

New levels

Action RPG gameplay

What lies behind the scenes of the image shown above is a mage class character with stats such as attack, critical chance, and defense that are being used to calculate damage.

Mobile support demonstration

Not only that, but four directional movement can be achieved by the player. This combined with only the simple two buttons for gameplay shown on the right side of the screen allows the player to have real-time action combat gameplay.

So with this set of features, this is my first action RPG game I’ve ever made.

Yes, I’ve achieved great feats and progressed in many dimensions. Yet it will all be, as ordained by the tyranny of the eternal darkness of life, for naught if I do not succeed with the Prosperity program’s objective of qualifying myself, if you will, as an exceptional and special type of entrepreneur with the establishment of income with a technology product of my own making. This objective is ultimately for reaching the next phases of my planned long and complex campaigns and to succeed I only need to do the right thing. Anxiety or fear of my dear Prosperity hatchling’s health and future, as well as the threat of the eternal darkness of life, is one of the many issues I face. Yet eternal courage was invented to help resolve such ills.

If strength and eternal courage are not enough, then seek greater strength that lies beyond.

But that is unnecessary as I’ve all the requirements. I am confident, bearing a positive mental attitude, that my courage and strength is enough. I need only endure this brutal entrepreneurship journey as my ambitions are being fulfilled for that is my commander’s intent–I am a commander in the paradigm of life and a lawgiver with unprecedented ability. My decree?

I play to win and when I play to win, I win.

The future is mine.

April 26, 2019