webdva Q1 2018 Results

I’m totally going to start thinking in quarters instead of days.


I made many pivots and embarked on some endeavors. I also shared my aspirations and circumstances.


  • Started to blog weekly.

  • Began being explicitly aware of the challenges I face and trained to face those challenges.

  • Successfully nurtured an ethos of passion for an advanced technology entrepreneurship lifestyle.

  • Developed KawaiiPredicts, an online linear regression service. It uses the D3.js charting library.

  • Started development on an automated news service that uses text classification and a neural network. It can successfully find the prescribed type of target user accounts.

  • Wrote How to force Express.js to use HTTPS tutorial.

  • Developed an algorithm for retrieving adjacent nodes in binary search trees making progress in my research of binary search trees.


  • First time doing machine learning. Possibly the biggest achievement of the Q1 2018 quarter, I did supervised learning in the form of text classification using an artificial neural network and I gained experience in data management for algorithm training purposes.

  • Identity began switching to that of an aspiring advanced tech entrepreneur and independent hacker. Became aware of inferior paradigms. Began adopting a superior mental attitude. Commitment to progress in increasing ability to focus (and other related human factors) and in adopting a hardcore startup founder lifestyle blossomed.


  • Abandoned the automated news service startup.

  • Abandoned the online linear regression service.

  • Startups were setback by attempt to seek financing with a job.

  • Brand was damaged a wee bit due to outbursts in publications.

  • Goal of building and launching an Income Generation Product (IGP) was not achieved.

  • Goal of obtaining a means of income was not achieved. Did not and could not secure employment; and did not and could not generate income through own capabilities.

  • Health was severely damaged and regressed.


There’s an extremely high probability that I’ll still be alive as I’m not inherently nor ultimately fucked. It’s inevitable that I’ll eventually succeed in my endeavors.

Short term

Oh, I’m fucked in the short term, because I don’t have a means of income. Runway? Oh, I’m going to reach the end of that runway and suffer a horrible fate, eventually. But, fortunately, that’s just going to happen in, maybe, eighteen months. And I’m of course hoping that it turns around some time after that.

The activities that webdva will engage in for the next quarter will involve something extraordinary and different than normal as he has experimented in various domains for the first three months of 2018. His demonstration of commitment shows potential as he is increasing his work capacity to meet the demands of hardcore product development. He really wants greater fortune.

As long as webdva continues to adhere to and exhibit excellence, webdva will survive this phase. Excellence is the lowest standard, because anything less will spell catastrophic failure as this is an unforgiving and austere operational environment. Competence and enthusiasm will help yield excellence and the successful completion of missions.

Long term

It may seem or feel like I’m documenting my eventual catastrophic failure, but I can succeed in my operational environment, even with my disabilities and disadvantages. That is my faith and I must hold on to it, dearly. And success is defined as acquiring an intense tech entrepreneur lifestyle.

I seem to be walking the path of a very capable tech entrepreneur and I became a tech entrepreneur in the forth quarter of 2017. Unlike the short term, I’m not fucked. I need to suffer patiently as it will take years to improve my socioeconomic status and all the other parameters I seek to change.

I’m refining my lifestyle, becoming a high-performing hardcore independent hacker. I’ll eventually achieve my goal of being able to work fifty-six hour weeks as long as I maintain the consistency of trying to achieve that goal.

My ambition compels me.

May 4, 2018