Dva's will to win at any cost

Pivot, pivot, pivot.

Dva’s lust

I’ll never be a freelancer, because I’ll never reliquenish my power and weatlh. Power and wealth belong at the top with me, in my capable hands. Instead of helping my would be clients increase their market share, I choose instead to take that weatlh for myself.

The founder’s dilemma? No, I choose to be rich and a king, albeit of a small kingdom.

That is my volition.

I am a true entrepreneur who lacks restraint and possesses great passsion for realizing his visions. These trials that I face are opportunities to prove that I’m worthy of great power and fortune as I begin my service to these markets.

Even if the probability is zero, it’s not impossible. Keep typing.

Perfect honor

Hearing of the promise that the markets hold, the promise of wealth, I seek to slay these unsightly beasts. I will devote decades of my time and effort to serving these markets so that I may defeat them. They promise to reward me with great wealth and power, as they are honorable creatures.

I too am honorable. I will repay them in kind with my own honor and kindness as I devote myself to becoming a passionate entrepreneur that discovers new and unknown markets.

My honor compels me, truly.

But even so…

It would be best if I pursued freelancing so that I may be funded so that I can tend to my dear startups.

I never thought that I would ever turn into the equivalent of a sexy digital prostitute where I provide custom web application development services!

there ain't no shame

But that’s okay! It would help lessen the stress that I go through as a startup founder when it comes to fianancing my tech entrepreneurship campaign.


I realized that my web development powers have grown so much since I started learning one year ago. There exists an opportunity for me and other companies to work together to obtain high returns.

Selling out? No. Seeking and obtaining employment is but another option and opportunity that I have at my disposal. In fact, thanks to my current, unique position, getting a job (in the tech industry) may be the best option to pursue. My current position involves having no income.

And having a lack of financing is one of the many reasons startups die. And what’s bad for my startup is also bad for me.

The future is yours for the taking

Don’t fret, Dva. You still possess your entreprenuerial spirit. You were in a position where you had to become an entrepreneur in order to earn a living. Now the strength born from that journey has created an opportunity for you.

Another risk to seek. And you are well familiar with risk seeking.

You’ve exemplified courage and found a passion for business–the art and science of making money. You have transformed into a knight of the market with great wisdom. This new title will serve you well in your future endeavors.

Now go forth and take the future.

February 9, 2018