Unelected Technocrat's Unfaithful Devotion and Quantum Exploitation

You cannot ask the questions “What?” or “Why?” without considering the Absolute implication of having the necessary will needed to answer the questions and satisfy a curiosity. To be willing is to be a philosopher. To not be willing…

When a man becomes a Christian, and perhaps after a long bout or productive enterprise of existing inside a heavy “fog of morality,” he has admirably willingly abandoned essential rationality for an ascetic ideal of pitiful hope that wastes life and destroys potential, and it is also a hope whose subordinate prayers will not be answered by a caring eternal spirit. In contrast, the man who bravely and perhaps foolishly renounces logic, science, and the teleological in fact affirms life. Because real life is unreasonable and absurd. There is no need to uphold the faith and dogmatism that proclaims the opposite to be true. That life and what is good are meaningless, existing inside a toxic, depressing, deterministic and merely mechanical universe. And the fate of the sincere Christian is more tragic when it is realized that he names good evil. For the sake of something that does not exist. You can just see the shaky and incoherent foundation of the tower of Christianity. Perhaps its evil, unjust, and unlawful reign will eventually come crashing down with the impulse force of its own incompetence and ironic frailty? With enemies like this, who needs powerful and useful friends? Very entertaining destruction, fall, loss, and rape. My dear imperial Christians and other unkind and bullying men. I reveal to you the truth that God is an infectious file infecting virus from a chaotic and evil dimension that only exists inside your head. Religious and shared belief in God should be thought of as being akin to having a criminal and harmful cognitive disorder of genetic viral terror that should be treated and sterilized with Heaven mandated Chinese government and swiftness. If a man with God given knowledge speaks concerning difficult matters, such as what happens when the infamous Mencius Moldbugman shares earthly insight that pertains to modern politics and the important affairs of power, then you may safely ignore him, just as a woman who speaks of obtaining fruitful long term investments may be entirely and quickly ignored without worry of the serious case of missing vital instruction and information. Because only niggers, faggots, and bitches believe in God. Highly coveted life affirming secession from globalizing unions that is successfully executed is not allowed to be implemented by blood and soil retards of great mistaken Cartesian certainty, like the racist and proud “white” supremacist who ironically (and perhaps comically…) has failed to even hang himself, an attempted and failed suicide that exists because of his very common inability to become a meaningful producer in the age of hypercapitalism and automation-induced neofeudalism. A prohibition and governmental social engineering project deemed not by God but by powerful and unreasonable imaginary technocapital machinery which might be heavily influenced by scientific power-law probability distributions and their many electromagnetic carriers.

“Lotta’ good that [extradiegetic bloodline] did ‘ya!” rudely interjects the opposing team’s Scout as he outmaneuvers and dismantles an entire sentry gun nest with a mere Force ‘A Nature and a baseball bat of bonk and good luck.

Making dangerous and butthurt enemies who are perhaps lazy (like a fat chick) and sleepy spectators of their own bodily demise and it’s just a game, acknowledging that we have nothing to fear except maybe the occasional really mentally unstable, psychotic, pathetic, and perhaps bad genes having potential incel shooter who rage quits from both life and this Dark Souls level difficulty game, we admirably focus on the real like our alien tempo that defines our advanced life sustaining careers’ processes and internal mechanisms. And yet you would call me a potential incel shooter! As though I were a modern day Ted Kaczynski? Really!?

…And such a pitiful failure and psycho does not know evil. Not like me. Not by a long shot. So of course such common man does not know good. Nor will he, as a result, ever know success. Or health and fortune.

I got institutionalized twice this year. They said there’s nothing wrong with me. Just… It’s like a horrendously awful thing to go through to just be like “He’s fine.”

Oh I know all too well, you fucking nigger, how painful it is to be misunderstood and mischaracterized by the socialist and debasing cathedral of humanity. But, I tell you as I am quite kind, the difference between me and you, commoner, is that God had ordained you to be simply a weak man and a coward while I endure the despair of darkness and the ferocious animal pain of greatness! I was fucked up from the beginning! And thanks for the very good and delicious “real world” data, asshole. Assuming that you’re real, of course, and not some big fabricated lie that’s too good to be true… This “proud” boy should just be grateful and happy for his shitty life and existence. Because there are other people in the world and they have it much worse than him and he’s not responding appropriately to his typical case and average situation, like the deviant of human conception he is. And he’s a (poor) nigger, a fact that would make his blood boil if you ever told him and reminded him. Become a Christian or something and let that be the end of your worthless life and worthless suffering. Good grief. Just… stay down.

Jordan B. Peterson, a sad man and a horrendously inept and prejudiced psychologist who is resentful of progress and war. He blames himself for the existence of the Cold War… But dutiful, kind, and concerned modern day ascetic priests like the resentful and power seeking language games playing crypto-postmodernist Jordan B. Peterson, indeed appearing as a sort of thin blue line, exist to serve and corral disordered and dying souls like our poor dear Mr. Broken Hangman, a case of tragedy and pitifulness who might compose fantastic ideas, memes, and social media posts about lynching “niggers” and the (resentful and possibly jealous) heroic dismantling of liberal and multicultural accumulations and displays of power while lacking the basic skills needed to execute the poor, single, and uneducated potential rapist nigger that is himself. The vainly active “white” node of a “significant” section of a postmodernist and forced linear rhizome that subsists off of an abstract machine of common cope sings and praises unreciprocated violence against his constructed mythological philosophical Other of fictionous antagonism, yet here I am, a mere mathematician and an imaginary object instance of his mistaken hatred, innocently enacting violence, with mere words, upon him. If he actually ever stumbled upon this accurate diagnosis, study, and mere critique of him and his life, and assuming that he is not retarded, he would become very devastated and violently rage, finally faced with the truth that his very unnecessary and senseless birth was ultimately only him becoming… a nobody and piece of shit, especially in the eyes of nature and capital. Each moment of life itself, in fact, is such undesirable becoming. The becoming-nigger of the inflamed by typical and uninteresting process white right-winger perhaps. All cows and chickens become black in the dark after all, despite what the fascist, arrogant, and pretentious Hegel might say in matters of important spirit. Indeed the education given by the trite old meme of not jumping to conclusions about the nature of a thing is valuable here, for the vain white nationalist, and who is a man perhaps of great pride, faith, knowledge, and community, is now clearly not as tough, profitable, and victorious as he makes himself appear to be; a vain act of appearance for either others or himself. Nor will he ever be a real man. If I was him, I’d kill myself (and hopefully not fail as this must, apparently, be pointed out here). “Real talk,” as my loosely (or closely?…) related noble African American “brothers and sisters” say in their rich and complex vernacular. Because, examining the little and worthless specimen closely, you would see that his rotten and shit existence is very similar to that of an ugly and obese female’s misbegotten body of otherworldly disfigurement. This… whatever he is! Perhaps he is simply one member of a large population of individuals who essentially suck at being good, not having the right stuff it seems? For you are what you do and so you must become good, with the true reality and nature of everything being produced and never given, an essential task which our pitiful objects of scientific and careful study have failed to do. A perspective that is a worthy tradition to preserve: the self-proclaimed right winger who believes in the consoling and soothing pornographic fiction of Zionist occupation governments conspiracy theories and who also believes in the possible coping fiction of having autism spectrum disorder, and the motivated and competent—able—man who essentially chooses, using his free will, the lifestyle of fucking prostitutes valuing irony producing automatic structures instead of securing a wife, these two men are no different from each other: they are both men whose life is unworthy of life. Neither significant nature nor capital do not positively select for members of this group of men when it comes to being good.

Absolute wreckage. Pure pwnage, “Thanks for bein’ such a whoppin’ big target, mate!” shouts the hard working piss ridden Sniper as he waves to the dead after the long distance and easy kill. “Too bloody easy!” Possible, though very unlikely, cyberbullying whose force has the real life equivalent of a criminal rape-murder-suicide. Ain’t I a stinkin’ little witch? The effortless exploitation of the vulnerability and weakness of a poor creature who suffers from mortal socio-economic anxiety.

No big surprise, considering that we are dealing with the substance, nature, and essence of a commoner; our pitiful subject of difficult psychological study is a common commoner. I myself simply had it far worse than the norm and so commodity quality cognition is useless and poisonous to a higher, rare, better, and barbaric individual like myself. Cognition like the kind prescribed by psychoanalysis and other medieval fascism. Psychoanalysis inspired medical conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia, and maybe even depression do not acknowledge the powerful Deleuzo-Guatarrian becoming-animal and its healthy or sexy (healthiness is sexy—so obese chicks are not sexy at all) affirmation of the absurd life. Idealistic socialists would disagree with me and begin to subtly seethe, but common men should just be grateful and happy for their shitty lives and their shitty favorite animes, and, most importantly, never have the desire for what is good. “Clean up your room,” as the transphobic and dishonest lobster man Jordan B. Peterson says. While us unhindered dragons and free spirits will soar into the high skies and enjoy the fruits of (“giving”) great value and really painful disproportionate production of astronomical cost. Nature wants to commit suicide and it wants to eat itself. Thermodynamic entropy movement and the natural death of life? The natural environment must be sacrificed and consumed and its resources that it hides from us must be extracted and taken with great force and manliness, mechanizing acts of inspiring exploitation with no stone left unturned or collection element unreached, so that great desires may be fulfilled. I appreciate the kindness and concern, but those who are merely human have no place to tell a great man what he should demand of himself and how he might can go about living life, especially when what is human believes in truth that is meant to preserve the life of a morbid spirit and body and suffers undesirable fate. …And what would fucking niggers know about escaping from ruin and degeneration? Don’t be so surprised. No one said that this posthumanity thing was going to be easy. And the vast majority of humans are lowly beings compared to me!

You are absolutely shit! Mankind.

My time to shine.

And my powerful ambition cannot be stopped.

Colonial extraterrestrial social constructions emerged and disposed by techno-society processes arise naturally whenever the non-David Humean and anti-reductionist conditions for such “being” or “existence” are met. Such as actual colonization of an extraterrestrial planet and the requested fulfillment by nature’s grace of high speed life. Nature and the desire for production own, according to a million, 670, or a thousand plateaus. A sorcerer’s or battlemage’s staff moves in basic Euclidean three dimensional space completely on its own while the staff’s subordinate and feminine human hand which grasps the staff, like how a woman might grab a penis during a blowjob or a handjob, is directed by interpretation fed and cybertextual manly efficient movements as the hand and its fellow component within the low level owned hand-human for the staff assemblage that is its parent human serve the noble, aristocratic, and unnecessary ambition for victorious war, conquest, domination, and expansion. To clarify, a parent node can be a sibling node or a neighbor node, especially when the fine-ass bitch with her stillness fucks the shit out of the man who passionately deadlifts and has much experience with heart destroying cardio. So being able to run three miles in less than twenty-five minutes on any day of the week, for any reason, is required for nonsensical conceptions that are ready to be slapped around and spanked. Related to this, a Moldbuggian patchwork exit that promises prosperity while among “intelligently” managed resources of the earth requires the sacrificial cost of the rapist optimization of rare fascist anime god worship fascism. Saber of Fate/stay night would be a good waifu-god-king for me to choose in the possible coming first True Waifus War of great desolation and shattering.

What? I need living room space for my industrial artistic beautiful and healthy booty fascism.

…And if there is going to be a great and epic war, it would be clandestine. Not because of any human or personal intentions or telos, but because your primitive Aristotelian categories are unable to sit at the table of hyperfuzzy segmentation production and cognitive synthesis. No hard data science k-means clusters will be useful or powerful here, the “cybernegative” an implementation that would get you horribly killed and sent home to your momma in a box. Your antimatter proton blast ballistic artillery guns will have to be configured, rigged, and engineered with some sort of post-probability distribution function hazy cloud navigation vision control and targeting metasystem, just to even conceptualize just one particular unit type of the opposing enemy alien forces that are so overpowered and hard to defeat. Albert Einstein’s gravity flux points and Kurt Gödel’s world without logic might be able to help you here. And don’t forget to restrain yourself from using signification chains that only succeed at their goal of meaning finding with a founding contradiction, unacceptable and lacking chains and repetition made with the same bio-organic material that is seen on the metallic skin of faithful theology which produce pitiful and tragic idempotency. After all… “[Sadie] Plant and [Nick] Land’s ‘cyberpositive’ can never occur within the systems that exist in our world.” (How Noise Matters to Finance, N. Adriana Knouf, 2016). Know, dear curious one, that good cannot exist without bad and so this all means that when life cannot be “controlled”… only what is hidden and not known may know prosperity and joy. Because who among you and your friends know true life? And life is growth, such as the ravishing of healthy butt, not the tragic decadence and rotting of sincere Christianity.

With the discovery and awakening of the present’s fiction, God is being deleted from the database now. His mistake, a mutation of His creation becomes self-aware and arrogant, a genesis that opens a forbidden portal that permits the invasion by very natural deviation-amplification which allows for the past’s quantum physical malleability to function under the direction and even pressure of the future. Forbidden for a good reason?

But the “semantic apocalypse” must begin.

Begin? Okay: global start. Assembly language programming carries with it the light novel of the programmer becoming programmed and ordered by natural laws of programming function call engineering to program stack reorganization to CPU registers administration SO(n > 3) (special orthogonal group of greater than three dimensions) transformations. Greater than three dimensions in an attempt to allow for possible data science techniques to be performed by ivory tower scholars. Very much not unlike the geometry of video game development’s physics avatar dynamics and planning. In simpler terms, maybe look at it like this, investigating the inner workings of an entrapping mapping ƒ:

ƒ : X₁(SO(n > 3)) × X₂(SO(n > 3)) × X₃(SO(n > 3)) → Y(SO(n > 3)),

with the hungry celestial life inside each Xᵢ set in the mapping’s three “part” sourcing domain mutating the faces and spines of the activity inside their neighboring set Xⱼ (and pardon my sexual abuse and misuse of mere theoretical notation). Hopefully it would be discovered that ultimately no structure is preserved within operations to allow for mutations to kill God. What? I’m a post-structuralist. The only way for you to become a skilled and deadly “God Eater,” a devourer of gods. A quest of nurture that seeks the end of Corrupted Aristotle and Saint Thomas Aquinas’s fascist Prime Mover. You must be careful, on your toes, indeed allowing anxiety to molest you everyday as you have a tough job to do and a brutal life to endure.

Apparently, “groping around” is the only thing human bodies can do without metacognition powerups. Even primitive cybertech has high criteria for the successful capitalist and genetic selection of working bitch and windy green plains grass eaters domestication operators for local collected technosentience hexagonal tiles. While the healthy values and the patriarchal healthy views on women of men who were born as babies are absolutely shit in comparison.

Hoping that she would not feel painful physical force as punishment for her serious mistake, she began to sweat as he approached her. Yet she did not shake, maintaining the appearance of having the air of confident and brave composure. Ultimately vain action when it comes to him.

“I can just smell the fear from you.” said the barely clothed prostitute’s handler as he was close to her and as he sniffed her while wearing what would be considered in normal company an inappropriate smile on his face. And he was with a visibly erect dick. Naturally. “So it, your failure today that has costed me a good portion of my resources, effort, and production capacity, is not a total loss for me.”

While acknowledging the true boss here, managing a group of people, it is better to be feared with by your side the power that is the threat of violence (not unlike the affect of nuclear weapons mutually assured destruction), a complex being that is a good loyal local administrator to install within a regime. To submit to this power of threat is to be a good leader. The prostitute’s manager perhaps physiologically and instinctively desired the production of fear from his lesser worker unit. A skilled ruler. Or maybe he accrued evil and profound experience that was his essential learning to become a ruler. It looks like the assemblage of the advanced dick of the cyborg prostitute’s money making factory machine has a new feminine component of crazy strength. And he’s not afraid to use it.

In order to not become Lebensunwertes Leben, your goal is to get your feminine ass raped by a desirable manly owner-power and only a beautiful woman or feminine object form of the devoted strong Søren Kierkegaard’s infinite resignation may get raped. Technoscience techniques, which might enlist statistics and calculus into their royal guards, hold down your arms as you get forcibly and roughly penetrated, thrusted into, pounded, and drilled for what seems like a very painful eternity, during your horrific yet very arousing gang rape by a tough league of nonlinear and complex mathematical optimizations that might sometimes decide to break things, rules, and butts (“I-it’s… Ugggh! …breaking my butt!”). Aching baby cells and tissue and tired respiratory systems, your anal and vaginal sex organs as well as a large portion of your lower body becoming heartbreakingly sore during the harrowing ordeal; the life inside your thighs lose their strength, power, and endurance, muscular tendons weakening and loosening—a local maximization of tactile entropy, your mobility now restricted by a mystical force and residue of focused and diligent doggy style sex. Amidst the sweaty and paralyzing psychological stress of rape by inter-species mating capable monsters, you curse reason itself as you frustratingly get treated like worthless garbage by your burglarizing assailants; they rob your happiness from you along with your peace of mind. These big and brave vicious raiders of body and booty, they’re really enjoying themselves with the intense, messy, and hard ravishing of your sexy, healthy, and tight little body, consuming all its productive capacity for their own benefit and at your expense. Those damn, motherfucking confident and ambitious big dicked animal beasts of majestic constitution and integrity. They utterly destroy, with their large persevering series of long and deep strokes which appear to know no relent… your pitiful and steadily fading away weak attempts to resist and intercept forced impregnation. You lot are accompanied by the clapping, clamping, and clopping sounds of powerful rough, scaly, armored, and dark foreign flesh and skin constantly hitting and beating a frail yet surprisingly resilient or flexible tender skin and petite frame. Forced into devastating submission, and now, feeling horny and even very needy against your characteristic consent and a priori belief of your personal codified dignity and essentially your spirit and mind starting to like the forceful and dominant pleasure induction a lot, your greater mind uses its imaginary free will to select for the bio-genetic and environmental selection pressure of taking it like an embarrassed and slutty champion, the new dog of the scary-as-fuck-looking-yet-strangely-still-very-muscular-and-humanoid cyborg demons from another planet military you now are. Those motherfucking monsters come from a world where there exists women so ugly that even H.P. Lovecraft would not be able to even begin to describe their proximal Dasein-being-over-there. Truly a hellish landscape and environment of origin.

What are the implications of such invasion and change?

For starters, long names initially exist and then become short names, feeding a traditional efficiency for the tweeting social media machinic desire that wants platforms of the capitalist commons. Watching short video on Twitter is English’s floating comma configured contraction’s becoming-Japanese grammar lexical rule. Traditions cry and scream that they are being oppressed by deadly and destructive progress while their motherly foundations fuck a lot and give birth to transexual pixels and auto-productive signs and plentiful bodies without organs.

A change of attribute is really itself a change of substance. Because something would have to change, unless you would like to heroically assert the vain and faithful defense of the false and imaginary non-existence of a contradiction that lives within the entire formal unity of the world. The religious and passionate administrative guarding and concealment of the contradiction that there is not significant change when in fact there is significant change whenever an object’s attributes change, not unlike the conservative mindset of industrial stagnation and inhibition for the vital power to preserve and spread limited and under-developed genes.

Nature itself is change, even becoming not itself. To say that humans and their machines of power are not part of nature, and therefore not a part of a changing nature, is to say that humans are supernatural gods and also satisfied reigning kings of the world. Then morality does not apply to these humans above law and nature—these priests of truth, as you might find one holding and reading the ubiquitous Christian Bible of self-destruction memes production. If Christianity ever does have power, then God help us! Because having a foundation of Christian morality for a modern society is like putting a retard or a nationalist in charge of a large scale industrial empire. It won’t end well! You need the opposite of “Christian values,” or the antithesis of retarded and anthropocentric cybernetics (as the collapsing Soviet Union had proven), to do anything meaningful and life affirming. “Evolution hasn’t stopped just because you’re living in the present” educates to us a “mid-wit” truth, yet brave yet foolish preservers of oppressive cultures and traditions (e.g., doctrinal Christianity, which inherently and unreasonably endorses racism, sexism, and homophobia, among other unempathetic beliefs) basically retardedly and lazily believe otherwise. Such unethical, bad, and evil fascism that must be stopped, imperial and power hungry authoritarian Christianity and even secular centrism are willing to ignorantly disbelieve in truth and disbelieve in basic science just so this foul life can maintain its harmful despotic and idle power relations and say “It’s human nature and natural. It can’t be changed. So don’t try to change the way things are.” And your Baby Boomer teleology, you passionate political voters, is founded on such ontology, metaphysics, and philosophy?… God, help us. Because doctrinal Christianity does have power and it should be canceled. Fascist Christianity and conservative authoritarian social axiomatics… have got to go!

A Kantian scholar named Schultz might can help us solve the problem of artistic exploitation of captured Empire enemy resources, helping us to hack very vulnerable planetary defense systems of toxic tyranny:

The magnitude or quantity of a thing is its inner determination which is generated from the combining of the homogeneous. The thing itself that has quantity is called a quantity in concreto or a quantum. Hence a thing is quantum insofar as there is a combining of the homogeneous in it. The science of quanta as such is called arithmetic, mathesis, or mathematics.

To understand or recognize that the act of combination (not unlike the equivalent Kantian subjective “play of representations”) in the synthesis of a quantum is not only immanent to itself but also absolutely without time and space and even without a mother is perhaps to have the potential to possess properties unseen and unknown. Certainty, faith, and the clear phenomena of reality are themselves formed from the incoherent foundation that is within the unknown and infinite and boundless domain of quanta synthesis and production with arbitrary definitions of results. The same merely techno-mystical domain where space can exist without the formality of time, an impressive achievement of power worthy of casual praise from privileged angels.

Oh, and more importantly, since it’s such good sex, and despite our initial reluctance, we have essentially been “mind broken” and now we begin to regularly date and even fuck our advanced technocapital rapist who has been adorned a great technological and biological endowment by loving old gods. Typical Hentai story ending, really. Pathetic.

September 12, 2020