Turning lemons into milk

Possessing a success and positivity mindset.

Ever anxious to remain having an unfair competitive advantage in all dimensions over other humans with whom I am competing against in this social Darwinistic world, I came across this:

The effectuator merely pursues an aspiration and visualizes a set of actions for transforming the original idea into a firm–not into the particular predetermined or optimal firm, but a very generalized aspiration of a firm. The commitment to such a tentative set of actions includes proceeding with no a priori guarantees or even strong potentialities for success. The effectuator more often than not proceeds without any certainties about the existence of a market or a demand curve, let alone a market for his or her product, or a potential revenue curve. [1]

That’s pretty much me in a nutshell. Not only can I visualize a set of actions, I can also forge effects that I deem necessary in order to transform my ideas into firms (a.k.a., super ultra-lean startups).

For instance, I need the power of artificial intelligence or machine learning in order to create my automated news service startup. The machine learning agents that I devise will initially use supervised learning to scour the internet for a particular type of people and then report back their findings in the form of online news articles. The artificial intelligence agents will use very basic text summarization methods at first, but I’ll endeavor to devise excellent methods as time progresses. The important thing is to create the Initial Product Release (IPR) first, as soon as possible.

So, then, I shall obtain the power of machine learning. It will be a long quest to obtain this lucrative power. But I’ve already gained a foothold in this exciting endeavor (and for that fortune, I am grateful).

My vision is to give a voice to the people, the commoners. This will do more than increase their leverage. It will also create a shift in society. Even if that change will be be small initially, as a knight of the markets, I will endeavor to spark that change (and, of course, be rewarded for my efforts, handsomely).

And I can do that now, with this power to turn lemons into milk, this power to transmutate entire phenomena. I can make progress on this epic quest.

I just need to secure a primary means of income by acquiring a job. All that I will endure will be for my passions, my startups, my visions. And my tendency of being eternally frustrated, restless, and anxious will aid me in procuring a job as I fully commit myself to succeeding in securing employment.

Speaking of securing employment, I noticed that I can exploit the contingency of being able to procure both a low-class job and a higher-class job (like a coding job). It will help me discover obscure insights (like underserved markets) which the Inept Valley Silicon Valley mindset seems incapable of doing. [2] I’m trying to turn lemons into milk (and milk is a better and healthier alternative to lemonade). Also, I’m going to pursue both types of jobs, low-class and higher-class, so as not to fall victim to the cognitive distortion of either-or thinking.

And I’ll admit that this job search is looking bleak. But I must endure so that I can realize my vision.

What kind of entrepreneur would I be if I wasn’t optimistic or cheerful? Not a very excellent one, to say the least.


It’s time to transform this ordeal into a whole new venture as I have the will and the means to do so. I desire great effects as my lust for fortune knows no bounds. And my superior ability to think holistically is an asset that I possess. This intertwinement of realities has created an opportunity, a contingency, that can be exploited. And I’m grateful for having such fortune and circumstances and for being able to see this.

As such, I decide to transcend these circumstances by using Effectual Transformation.

I shall not reveal the details of my solution or provision right now, but know that my success has been guaranteed now.

What did you expect? Excellence is the lowest standard.

And yet another startup

I also have aspirations for yet another startup, a marketplace for music artists to sell their music. The purpose of this startup (besides having monthly recurring revenue) is to give the poor, starving artists a chance to earn a better living by not taking any percentage of their sales.

That means that the platform will allow music artists to distribute their music with no costs or fees whatsoever (gosh, every time I give a pitch, I feel like a salesperson from Uber). I won’t take even 0% of the revenue they make from selling their beloved music.

How would I profit from building this platform then? My business model would comprise of allowing the musicians to decide how much revenue they would like to share with me, if any at all. They could decide to share nothing with me (and that’s totally fine!) or they could decide to share 99% of their revenue.

I have yet to write code for this noble startup, by the way.

Still, I’m very excited about this new opportunity (which I’ve created for myself). Not only will this platform provide a way for musicians and song artists to sell their music, the platform will also provide their fans with a means to listen to their music too! So, I’ll be building a lot of things for this startup.

My first ever web-based streaming music player that I’ll make! I’ll also need to deal with payments…


I’m still enthusiastic about this startup. I really believe in this idea, this vision, and I’m willing to face any challenge for it.


  1. Saras D. Sarasvathy, Causation and Effectuation: Toward a Theoretical Shift from Economic Inevitability to Entrepreneurial Contingency 

  2. Silicon Valley is like a startup that makes healthy lemonade. That’s nice, but doing something like making cheap milk would be far better for consumers. Thus, I shall deem them as Inept Valley. 

March 9, 2018