The Utility to Engineer the Future Despite Anything

Making a game product is like engineering a spacecraft. I must heed well my constraints and the system’s operational effects. And I must not forget about the operation of the marketing aspects, lest I fail.

I want this multiplayer browser game I’m making to be accessible to both desktop PC gamers and mobile gamers as I’m committed to accessibility.

I was going to pivot from my product idea of a multiplayer shooting game because of the issue of shooting controls on a touch screen. But since the Fortnite game implemented a successful port to mobile devices, I was inspired to continue with my product idea of a muliplayer shooting game and to have it ultimately accommodate both touch screens and desktop PC controls.

So I’ll keep going with this great campaign of making an HTML5 multiplayer shooting game.

I continue to endeavor to achieve program success, even though this goal of establishing a means of income as an independent hacker before this decade is out is oft imposing and, at times, failures in many dimensions occur. My will to realize a noble vision of a great system–a future lifestyle of prosperity–and my means to achieve this effect are two of my greatest utility factors.

I have the ambition, courage, strength, commitment, and integrity to succeed in any space and any dimension, with any constraint and any effect.

November 25, 2018