The Founder's True Dilemma

I believe in my product I’m making, but will others like it as well?

I am presented with a dilemma: do I add a lot of features into the Initial Product Release as I believe that others will ultimately like the product, thereby failing to optimize its release date? Or do I forsake this belief or assumption that others will even like the product in the first place and thus require the need to quickly validate my product idea?

It is, ultimately, an online multiplayer shooting video game (a browser game no less) and I believe, as such, that others will like the product idea. Or must I be committed to expending the effort to iterate on the production of a desirable game being constrained by the requirement of having to rely on player feedback? Yes, I should as it is required to achieve the realization of an idea with the expenditure of effort and it is often recommended to be agile in behavior and action.

Time is of the essence. I ultimately have a great task to accomplish before this decade is out. It is preferable to optimize the release date of the Initial Product Release as it is possible that the phenomenon of players not actually liking the game lies in the probability distribution.

Yeah, no. I play to win and I would be a bad startup founder if I didn’t optimize the release dates/times of my Initial Product Releases.

I gotta git gud. Lest I be a bad.

November 18, 2018