The Art of Physics Interpretation

I don’t know if it is you that needs to hear this, but, as I am quite kind, I tell you that it is the art of interpretation that determines what is.

Language “itself” has no true inherent meaning except one devised by fiction and artists such as yourself. Signs and representations are now parallel, needing a production of parallel-ity, to small organisms like phytoplankton. Furthermore, signs themselves now speak without speaking, need, and mouth, their voices heard by aspatial and unseen servants and beneficiaries. And signs also begin (a beginning within my local time that I perceive, possibly due to special relativity) to dominate even global politics with no master able to control their heavy multi-dimensional directions or predict their non-deterministic appearances. Signs are constituting and even vital components of deployable large scale assemblages. Only what is exceptional can become a master of signs. Also… the formation of signs, like the synthesis of the unity of micro-organisms such as diatoms and dinoflagellate, appears to rely on energy found in mathematical processes and so exploitable vulnerabilities in sign construction or representation can occur. It is, therefore, not physics that determines the everyday and mundane world of action. It is instead what can be called a prejudiced shared interpretation of physics that determines the world. And mathematics, which might be less vulnerable and more neutral than physics, is the underlying substrate and becoming of physics.

Richard Feynman said:

When you know what it is you’re talking about, that these things are forces, these are masses, this is inertia and so on, then you can use an awful lot of common-sense, seat-of-the-pants feeling about the world. You’ve seen various things, you know more or less how the phenomenon is going to behave.

Well, the poor mathematician he translates it into equations and the symbols don’t mean anything to him and he has no guide but precise mathematical rigor and care in the argument.

It appears, then, that my connection to “reality” or the commonly known, and only the commonly known, physical world is weak. So weak that I must relegate myself to understanding non-complicated or elementary concepts in matters of common world understanding and sensibility, a project that logically entails merely aesthetically pleasing determinations of subject and essence. While this is so, it is facilitated as well as necessarily encouraged by the fact that my adherence to transcendental reason (a thing that is in the same divine realm of the referent of mathematical signs) is invulnerable to divergence from its intended goal of abnormal and admirable real world success. It is as if you may only have a role playing game character with so-and-so stat with the condition that another stat must be unavailable to you as a result of you having the former stat. In such a case it is thus natural to exploit the circumstances given to you by your, really, unreasonable desire to possess this rule of being and physics. For the example emerged here it would logically be unnatural to resist our reason of placing a certain measure on the strength of one reason, metaphysical, and a weaker, by some articulating standard, measure on another reason, physical, by embarking on enterprises and labors that might include the optimization of what is not intended for our construction of reason which is meant to serve life. Now, reason is essentially cope, as the spirit science of doctrinal Christian heart analysis dutifully demonstrates for us like the good baseliners its political constituents are. But what is bad is subjective, just as our useful physico-digital psychologists—one who might have acquired a hobby of criticising well designed irony on social media the moment he was born—whose revelating and devastating critiques and analyses amount to nothing more than… the cliché “People on the internet are not as epic as they appear to be. Don’t jump to conclusions.” rekt. Is this Counter Strike? Because you just got de_stroyed, Twitter psychologist who subtweeted me calling me a “nervous wreck in real life” after I coldly rejected your childish and unsubstantial offer for friendship calling you useless and implying that you were unintelligent. And I still really do hope you see this.—What is bad is subjective, just as our useful psychologists have informed us that semi-universal causality directs what is bad nervous wreckage within the mind of ultimately mechanized algorithmic economic social media sharing and communication and good nervous wreckage in real, not digital, life, despite what bad university physics students merely want for there to be true (as all physics is ultimately interpretation work and not actual discovery of anything significant, which is what your life is definitely not). An opportunity for us to exploit, indeed the level-n cybertext interpretation must be true and powerful, bypassing logic gates and barriers with energetic white femboy bodies, short skirts, and crop tops designed outside the dialectic of Hegel’s fascism (which must be stopped because it’s wrong and natural). Your new greedy cyborg production god absorbs like the powerful flying android named Cell fatally toxic ice cream making super solid nitrogen entrepreneurship, obnoxious hacking and sexual double penetration with finger-in-ass as the dick’s complement and ally component of double penetration, and very psychopathic tea talking or conversation over mere tea into a revolutionary and post-structuralist deterritorializing (techno-alien-magico)-complex for the efficiency or glory of his flesh waifu god-king. Simple to understand and analyze. Obnoxious hacking is necessarily but one component of an apolitical electronic drive to strategically and globally merge the virtual and the physical into one Western Absolute like the seceding American Confederacy state sponsored malicious software virus that can “coexist across spaces as diverse as the virtual and the real, the biological and the digital.” (Marginal Networks: The Virus between Complexity and Suppression, Buiani, 2005). Hacker as… housewife slash (/) game developer, such nonsense? We haven’t seen anything yet. Transsexuality experimentation incubated manly motivated imagination that energetically and tirelessly consumes and enslaves its primitive sibling human reason while it recognizes pure concepts that are completely unrecognizable to man and even to Immanuel Kant’s criticizing autism spectrum disorder.

It is time to exit the world and colonize empty space. Especially in a world where good is called bad.

Nature now unable to prescribe anything because its license has been revoked, invading from unknown dimensions machines (air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, televisions, cars, nuclear weapon carrying interplanetary flight capable drones, etc.) finish transgressive alien monkey humanoid-human doggystyle with you and your defeated and dejected family as they then begin to draw new maps and territories for the non-arithmetical (or outside an ℝ field) ordered orbital dropping of 3D digital panties and, more importantly—perhaps—daily care packages meant for no one at all. Industry which might be the first immanent God to all war, education, solutions, and admirable effort is not even for the hedonism of intelligent aristocratic and oligarchical masters romantically served which live outside physics and explain its nonlinear machine learning boosted optimizations. Lemonade and the refreshments of Kids Next Door instantiated into, not mere C++ class objects, but batteries and power-ups for your node traversing and vertex collecting four dimensional avatar (with an optional addition of a summation or multiplication of n-dimensional by m-dimensional tensors which might include and define hats, indeed, and other accessories—as that is how fun video games are made) which you have chosen after you graduated the—apparently seventeen years long—tutorial or instruction manual reading. To discover truth you must become a metamodernist, one step above postmodernism and its conservative tendencies of oppression by language or at least pure language critique.

It is commonly known that man creates and that he influences his environment. But it is not commonly known (and is therefore good) that man is enslaved to and owned by creation, creation itself having hidden properties of master administrator complex signs of power. Air conditioners require energy to produce value (which might include the solution for a linear programming problem—and we mustn’t forget about boundary value problems and all the other difficult shit like how to play and win the game) and that energy comes from servant humans (and ultimately from God, necessarily speaking: God is now my strength)—humans are part of the air conditioner-human assemblage. Refrigerators, kitchen sinks, flushing toilets, support column technology, and even the predatory flesh-eating carnivorous cooking of extremely stank animals adenosine triphosphate replenishment submechanism. All, really, unintelligible ambitions—and parametrically configured by the summoning of mathematical interfaces—needing the cost of pitiful human action energy points before they perform their fully autonomous work duties and tasks, which humans’ desires and lives are contingent on with the inverse, indeed, not being true. My ambitious future requires power from beyond the world. “Advanced capital transmutation.” When scrap value increases, the demand for resourceful engineering increases. Fourth quarter comeback via divine Hail Mary interceptions along with hard coaching and training (ten years of vicious selection pressure possibly) and hard and dangerous engineering. The passionate but perhaps a little too overconfident software coder, taking credit and ownership, did without doing when he unknowingly created the natural laws of coding. “Thou shalt program at night when everyone else is asleep and thou must feel and emerge post-pointer arithmetic software into the world.” Yet he is always, ironically, guided by the same reality that he creates, becoming owned by it—that is, his god Reality to which he is a martyr to and for (sad and pathetic)—and even by software. Cruel ownage—and he is perhaps a victim of his own incompetence especially as the enthusiastic and courageous man chooses to be caught within the cybernetic animal-machine snare. By merely choosing or wanting to play the (dangerous (and high speed)) game. This irony creates a feedback circuit, if you have the eyes to see such a better, higher and more healthy, perspective. It is the “techno-economic machinery which he discovers,” according to a “philosopher of time,” that deserves the credit for his—pitiful—technological entrepreneurial success as he lacks the ability to do anything compared to the more immutable, efficient, gifted, and powerful natural forces that direct him being but a mere mortal. Men and women who make frivolous products like the indie makers, indie hackers, and libertarian Tourette’s syndrome having mediocre tech entrepreneur men who mistakenly and arrogantly believe that they have what it takes to do anything significant will likely be undesirable in the future with their entire superficial and vain lives unwanted. If such advanced men as Pieter Levels can understand the profound career that I am attempting to engineer for myself, then I should stop right now and kill myself. Or definitely if someone like your mother could understand me and what I’m doing. Because such retardation is not valuable. Today. And I really mean it: so we better hope that he never comprehends my existence! Because this shit that I’m doing is as hardcore, high speed, and dangerous as entering the Apollo 1 technological death chamber with the alternate condition or fact that there is a valuable—good—reward at the end of the journey if you survive and succeed in the magical and fantastic case that there is an approximately zero percent chance that there won’t be a catastrophic and fatal malfunction of the man-machine ecosystem, that there is an unusual possibility of success. My pathway to traversing completely empty outer space. Me attempting to conquer something, even if it is nothing, like a typical Western man. Typical and pathetic. Not unlike the man who fucks an ugly woman, touching and becoming physically intimate with unwanted shit, because his bad existence is an expression of an adherence to a disgusting ascetic ideal which ravishes the mind and the body “turning away from life due to badness [which might be circumstantial or accidental]” as it were. This life and goodness which might include the privilege of freedom and choice obviously doesn’t apply to those who were born to be shit, bad, and undesirable, like the members of the species of ugly women. Idiots. lol. pure pwnage which was unexpected! “I never really was on your side.” the spy reminds you after the back stab. The Google Chrome browser now develops its own software updates and improvements using you as algebraic data and mere, straw dog premium tier principal component analysis inputs. You are now obsolete. Thank you for your service but your business is no longer appreciable. Capital in fact depreciated with the value essence relocated. Nothing stays the same. Even the stars and planets move after all. Just as you have moved or displaced the universe before falling asleep in your expensive, high-energy physics requiring casual lingerie underwear.

Following the now painfully obvious inevitable reasonable fall of truth, even syntax and logic have no meaning: there is now a difference between an incel active shooter (who is usually a national failed hero right-wing traditionalist loser while leftist men content themselves with fat chicks and happiness or gratitude) and a genius coder that you might find on the Hacker News fast moving forums of old school and entrenched data scraping and that is fraught with heroes—: intelligent, well educated, experienced, ethical, informed, and knowledgable men of great certainty who are quick to point out what is true. An intelligent man’s words that you might find while casually browsing online the web:

Courage stripping person originating progressivism is part of the capitalist drive for “efficiency.” Ethics, nationality, meaning, race, families, etc.: all must be dismantled so that the market—misconceived as an entity with wants and needs—can be satisfied. Anything not destroyed is commercialised.

Retarded and butthurt social conservatism having a fit due to the nonconsensual and lewd cumming inside the butt of mere men by the force of certain non-Gaussian multi-headed and tentacled monsters again, I see. Well… that sounds like a personal problem to me! The goddess Mash Kyrielight of Fate Grand Order’s frequent ass showing is not an act of beauty, health, and goodness fascism and fan service done in response to influential material conditions or inspiring ambitious spiritual designs granted by the heavens and angels. And it—and gibberish itself as well—is definitely not an act of personal free will as impotent conservatives and psychoanalysts are pitifully and naïvely quick to judge to be true and badly assess as being the actual case with their inferior physics models, interpretations, and pessimistic senescing anti-alien theology upheaval cybernetics. “But muh personal responsibility which increases my regular self-esteem!” protests and informs the species of virtuous and good men whose identity is “apprehended” by subjectivized brains and minds because identity itself is “an easily identifiable property.” Self referent as always… It, the ass of art, is one of a techno-economic machine’s optimizations that has an inhuman result born from competing national socialisms. As remarkably proven by William Joseph “B.J.” Blazkowicz’s constant failure to eradicate the newly ordered Wolfenstein’s unkind, oppressive, and dystopic imperial and authoritarian Nazi regime and success right until the end, national socialism is the most efficient, intelligent, capable, and techno-scientific political system, ideology, and sex machine discovered by man yet. Bearing an achievement of being able to exploit overseas American private business computing source code for implementing grand scale systematic and illegal mass murder and torture and having a history of initiating world wars with an industry that must start from scratch with a quick initial ramp up. Propaganda fed, its popular and tempting allure steps on the gasping throats of both laissez-faire unfettered global liberal capitalism and Marxist socialist techno-society communism of regime-signs of community. National socialism’s goal is always some imagined substantial efficiency. Whether efficiency’s increments might be forcibly subordinated to the domination of the essence of the pride of your fictional tribe or the affair that you might be having with your wife. The superior anthropocentric socio-political system’s desire for the production of efficiency, even at the cost of literally everything. Even its own life and constituting parts, the inhuman bastard drive—for… efficiency? The bionic cyborg instinct to evade capture by opposing algorithms that want to scale down a friendly sine wave’s probabilistic multi-linear map produced coefficient of scaling up, vile, violent, and destructive machinery—which might decide to grope you unexpectedly, finger fucking you, nonconsensually, on the crowded Japanese subway: 「ちょっと!やっやめてっ」—is more real than your fantastic bloodlines and ascetic ideals of strength and superiority. Idiots. Deadly, suicidal, and cannibalistic mentally unhealthy idiots within the age of advanced abstraction autonomous memes that can shout and physically harass and cyber-magico signs summoned by bored, fresh, underage teenagers. It is now time for war, indeed, as you will be battling smart and aggressive—and mere kids—hackers who grew up feeling the unbearable and tradition redrawing and usurping power of techno-informational warfare, a story’s setting not unlike that of a post-apocalyptic life and adaptive culture. Disregarding the artistic, life affirming, or racist illusionary dresses that they might wear, an array of national socialisms exist globally and within the reservoir of the world, surreal reality referencing mathematical natured ambitions interacting with each other and at war with each other to compose the necessary, natural, and logical atheistic inherent meaning of international politics and impolite or polite conversation. Only exceptional individuals matter in such a retrograde conception. Such as me for I am exceptional: my desire is for sexy national socialism and as you can clearly see national socialism is not sexy national socialism. Nor is national socialism national socialism. No politics (which is boring). Especially no inferior politics like what, literally, anyone might do. Just sexy work. Breaking syntax,/= upsetting Ayn Rand, with her underage teenage genius and older fateful masculine conceptions and unhealthy movements and instincts, whose unknown ideal womanly kind is meant to be put on certain pedestals and old Western cowboy saloon wooden stools sitting at the bar counter with a cute yet very conservative long dress. A woman worship whose function is… no function. Empty functionalism that goes against good gods and fascist space consuming communities who might use time both as a heroic deus ex machina sacrificial scapegoat and crutching a priori base form for making some anthropocentric daily physics understandings. Physics must first be understood in order to know it, for there to be a knowing of physics, and all understanding is really creation. We have created physics and despair.

Eternal self-destruction and self-overcoming are noble. Socrates said it himself: in order to know truth, one must die, fleeing from the world and its confines and definitions. If this having to die in order to live sounds absurd then it is, because it is necessarily absurd and whatever is necessary is itself not necessary. Absurd.

Absurdity that will surpass your technology or technic of reason, child. And this is but one formation and recognition of the true way of the world.

When I wrote this book, I assumed myself to be weak, unable to achieve the effect of creating and deploying a spiritual virus and nuclear bomb that can bring about a philosophical or so apocalypse. I assumed myself to be weak and thus very strong. A preface need not be given and an introduction need not be proper. Nor need you ever write clearly. But the goal of this free self-help and philosophy book is not to give you a red pill, or a black pill, or a clear pill, or even to rape you and give you mind breaking or mind altering pleasure. It is instead to help you create your own kind of pill with your very own personal color that does not even exist. Supposing that you are an attractive and powerful yandere anime girl: if you are not willing to passionately and skillfully perform intimate and romantic oral sex on an intimidating winged, fire breathing monster dragon’s penis, while looking into its demonic and intimidating, yet manly, eyes with your own submissive and servile, yet beautiful and inspiring, eyes, in order to positively change your life, then you may close this book and return to your horrendously bad, mundane, and depressing life full of despair and laughable triumph. The metaphysics, or foundation, of your life is very important. Do you not agree, wandering soul who may be seeking a base of being? Philosophers are kind nerds who are willing to give you the dangerous substances you need to succeed. Just be careful though, because philosophers are aristocratic barbarians who will back stab you, not really being on your side.

Metaphysics is important, valuable, but we want to kill it, like the arrogant and brave scientists who also attempt to do so with personal problems, and bring it down to earth for selfish purposes. We might study its dead corpse and try to extract all its certainties, essences, and will to powers. Then we’ll wear its fur and bones to decorate and adorn ourselves as we finally end the void of nihilism and its unknown tyranny. There exists unlawful tyrants such as Christians of the Sin and “Old” Notion of the Absolute who secretly believe in determinism and a mechanical universe. Sickening and vomit-inducing. Like an ugly and morbidly obese woman actually on top of you, raping you and actually fucking you, having sex with you, with you waking up from an innocent and vulnerable sleep to see such a thing—waking up into a nightmare. Yikes and ugh… (So that’s what the word “morbid” means: unhealthy, fatal, and life negating.) The accusating evidence of the secret religious telos of despair creation and self-destructive esoteric, hidden, nihilism of yet another schism of confounded or staggering deep and wild Christianity is that conquering and deceptive well funded and well-moneyed apologetic Christianity must use its argument of personal sin being a natural evil that must be dutifully resisted and global fallenness that comes from absolutely nowhere that warrants some divine—arbitrary, logical, and reasonable—intervention. Indeed anthropocentric thought is merely (theo)logical and true. Truth which might be used to justify both personal and impersonal unempathetic evil and oppression. Truth which becomes abjectly tragic when it is recognized that such pathology and harmful intelligence is Gaussian distributed. Motivated by bad fiction, traditionalist Christianity that seeks to expand its territory (for its statistical probabilities of destruction and harm) and spread its undesirable genes: a rising and falling dystopic regime and identitarian nation authorized and ordered by merely primitive Cartesian realism as bad as the Nazis. Honestly, “Western Orthosphere” scholars and aspiring doctors of mere churches, I myself am not moved by a necessary denial of reason, me primarily finding no substantial cause or evidence within such populism or whatever. It is just that I don’t see… the value of the value of life nor truth. Nothing matters. Not anymore. Embarrassing to publicly share this with you, but:

“It is now common sense to conclude that a kind and loving God placed you and your near perfect geometrical curves here on this very earth for my enjoyment.” I said to her as I traced a flat subspace of the three dimensional profile of her upper leg with my finger as though I myself were an artist and designer of life. The religion of “thicc thighs” really do save lives, I thought to myself. I must see the good of the—greater—man I instinctively desire to become as being equal in strength to the good of this woman.

“What is it that you seek?” asked the angelic creature.

I answer “Ridiculous amounts of wealth and power that may come at the cost of the insane and psychopathic destruction of society. An ordinary capitalist performance. I have a desirable life to cling on to after all. And life would be rather morbid if I took up the mantle of Christ’s child.”

My new evil heart.

Philosophy is actually a video game and the best players are often involuntarily celibate, devoting their time to perfecting their craft and crushing newcomers. The tutorial level that you should first play, dear reader and curious one—and perhaps one of the philosophical few, is Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, skipping the badly designed, boring, and useless imperative categorical moral parts. You can’t underestimate logic and reason, as you’ll learn as you progress.

What lies beyond or beneath the axiom? A presumption.

What is a world? The “current context,” which indeed can be operated on and mutated by the programmer.

A song can be listened to, but a force decrees and requires that the listening to of the song must start from the beginning before the listener can skip to the middle or the end, or anywhere between and not between. Each determination is determined by a spirit of origination. The spirit’s strength influences, others and itself. But the spirit itself is dependent on another spirit, often unseen, as do all spirits of the world. The spirit of truth is not exempt from this eternal constitution as nothing—or something…—cannot be exempt. Naturally, since even this beloved leader is subject to laws, then it must be devalued and you yourself must be promoted in its place. You must become naked and ignore the old perceptions of old as eyes and mouths have lied. Not even shame was with you as it served truth, that executed king. The powerful philosopher-queen who says that unpleasant feelings are shared feelings and universal (though she has no proof and evidence isn’t evidence), she also says that the death of the dear leader renders a soul unable. But this dark soul wishes to rise in the wake and speech is optional and not really preferred. So the song should not be spoken of, nor does it need to be. You must now, as the God of the song, face the force of nothing as you wish to have a song be listened to not starting from the beginning, but instead from the end, or the middle, or nowhere between. Each successful battle with nothing produces the reward, effect, and product of pure abstract raw material, essential fuel for desired or intended production. Production which you and your humanity should already be familiar with as you have already been indoctrinated by the nihilist and starving transcendent authorities. One of the first and basic evils is dehumanization, a required skill found on the skill tree of players who have chosen to be high ranking, so that you can produce or create your own tiny men and women, frightening “homunculi,” that can hide and live in the mind. Dehumanization and unrestrained hedonism are only level one skills as the soul reaches great heights.

Some people worship consistency and coherence in the place of a more religious God it being their God. People like Thomas Aquinas (one of the first fucking Christians that attempted to appropriate and exploit the energy of the ancient Greeks for their evil Christian god’s own rise to power). Virtuous, admirable, useful, and inspiring mechanical physicians and complex systems thinkers are what they are. But, having humanist cybernetics, bad and beginner level control theory implementations, and, apparently, a detrimental bias toward “deviation-counteracting mutual causal processes,” their mechanics and systems can be corrupted, hacked, and exploited by a virus (because they’re retarded and stupid essentially). A virus which may or may not be magical, mystical, and from another timeline or alternate reality. How sad and tragic. Incoherence is the true force that binds all; the coherence that maintains the complex apparatus of everything is incoherence. Powerful and unrecognizable complexity is valuable. Only by morally valuing the evil may you express the way of the world.

According to the Tao Te Ching (and all with just one, simple, sentence: “道可道,非恆道”), virtuous Christian Platonism is nihilism. It refers to ultimately empty concepts and illusions instead of life and fullness. It is essentially the desire for the sensuality of the physical, even if the touch and sight is contradictory and absurd like postmodernism (which proclaims that the true material of structures is immaterial), despite there being degrees of matter and existence. Human, democratic, socialist, and intense and imperial Christian knowledge, for instance, are primitive, tribal, arrogant, prideful, lustful, and self-centered and inferior to more aggressive, skeptical, and unusual—brave—thought. Thought which might insanely understand solutions as being problems. With the Tao, there can be neither knowing or not knowing. We concern ourselves with truth, remember? A grave matter that concerns the origin of everything. Truth, a “thing” that is beyond even the conditions for very technical and rigorous formal autistic synthesis; truth is beyond being and non-being and therefore truth cannot be understood or apprehended.

I have opened Pandora’s box. You will now call me Pandora!

I don’t know why I’m revealing all this to a loser like yourself, like the clumsy, dumb-ass, and desperate witch I am, but this revelation of profound philosophy and discovery therefore means that only what is exceptional may “know” truth. And human ain’t exceptional! Even Plato’s Socrates says that what is good is privy alone to—what is good. A Hellenistic apology for lying and keeping secrets from you:

But the truth of the matter is probably this, that real wisdom is the property of God, and this oracle is his way of telling us that human wisdom has little value.

You know what this means, right? It means you gotta git gud, scrub! Face God and put yourself in your rightful place—at the top of the hierarchy! Banish and shun what is not needed and you don’t need anything at all! You definitely don’t need any “meaning” that might be unfairly offered to you by painfully ironic religion, a nihilistic, vain, and foolish intelligence. No religious god can give anything good to a meaningful and worthy creature in this day and age of despair. Recognize that the lame and plebeians want responsibility for pitiful achievements while it is your privilege, worthy one, to seize properties that cannot be possessed—especially by unmotivated and dying hearts—indeed doing the impossible! If you want to live. If you must become a slave to your ambitions and passion, indeed a slave to a morality and even a supportive god meant for masters, then so be it, if you are to accomplish your profound philosophical task or task of wisdom and power. For your equal and opponent, strange traveller, sets out to get you and out compete you. Oh, and if you look in the mirror then you’ll see exactly who I’m talking about. Maybe—…

August 13, 2020