Journey to obtaining fortune telling abilities

Web makes a pilgrimmage to Yharnam (in the game Bloodborne, the protagonist makes a trip to the town of Yharnam in order to rid himself/herself of an illness).


Ten years is such a long time. It’s also fitting for undergoing drastic transformations.

My goal and plan is to obtain a career in data science by pursuing a self-curated education in data science. It may actually take five years instead of ten. I’m not certain. It will take a considerable amount of time, nonetheless.

It’s akin to entering a nightmare and enduring countless trials, trapped in an eternal grind–but that’s okay. It’s not that bad, because the circumstances aren’t catastrophic. I have a lot of room to work with. I’m also starting from the bottom, which isn’t so bad in that I have a supposedly romantic journey of rising to the top to make.

I’ll also be sharing my newfound knowledge–and I’ll try to not be too rigorous or technical for audiences that aren’t well-versed in the depths of statistics that I’m diving in.

And, of course, I’ll be engaged in a campaign of making cool things (wow, that was a hip thing to say).

I’ve been reading about some data science concepts such as stochastic gradient descent for evaluating the performance of a model, clustering for categorizing data, using neural networks for creating statistical models, and other things that I’m starting to gain awareness of. I have my eyes currently set on many ideas for projects, such as using time-series forecasting to predict the weather on any given day and other ideas that I was able to generate so far using my creative thinking born from my game development experience.

A plan will be needed to execute this data science learning campaign–which I’m currently hard at work doing.

There’s also the chance that there will be instances where it would take me a significant amount of time to be able to do something, like taking three years to be able to implement a chat bot using deep learning. But that’s alright, because some people learn or work slower than others, especially if their circumstances permit it. Patience, among many others, will be an attribute to possess here.

I’ll need a regular job, too, since this campaign will last several years. And by regular job, I mean a common, unskilled, and low wage job in my drab-looking local economy. And I don’t actually like that. At all.

Fortunately, though, I now have a new idea where I can, instead of getting a regular job, work for myself building and selling some sort of software product. I wasn’t aware that I can do such a thing. It would be better anyway.

I wish that this journey really will turn out to become an epic and romantic story of how I became successful. As the author, it’s my obligation to make it so.

I got this

October 22, 2017