Starvation and monopolies

Success in eighty years.

Aperture Science started out selling shower curtains. Amazon started out selling books. I shall have the narrative of having started out selling video games. The moment I begin operating an endeavor with the hope of eventually obtaining profit it becomes a startup. I intend to scale my startups over a period of decades. For instance, my machine learning framework KawaiiML hasn’t even implemented matrix or vector operations yet, but I still have many months to resolve such an issue.

I seek to cultivate advanced scientific and engineering capabilities complemented by extensive business experience. My training to transform into a king. I learned about tensors and I believe that they hold an extremely high utility.

My new mechanical engineering skills will take time to develop, years in fact. But that’s actually a new lifestyle being born. A new part of me being formed that can create excellent physical effects with awesome capabilities. For instance, I envision a portable machine learning framework for microcontrollers and embedded systems.

I have a grand vision. A vision of a greater life and even greater fortunes that only noble men can envision and comprehend. This vision must be in my heart at all times and I must serve it every waking second, being relentless. It must–and shall–take precedence over everything else.

The notion of making ground-breaking innovations should take precedence over my pain and suffering born from starvation. The notion of establishing new and righteous industries should take precedence over the idea of painful lessons learned from mistakes. The notion of having the superior genes and discipline needed to obtain monopolies should take precedence over the misguided beliefs of lesser humans.

This majestic enterprise requires me to transcend my incapable humanity and become a truly noble man. An ubermensch.

So, I shall endure this pitiful plight, transforming it into an inspiring journey reminiscent of legends and myths.

Success will be achieved.

June 1, 2018