Sharing my heart with you

After a few months of abandonment, I’m resuming development of Kawaii Ketchup. I hope that we can work together, me and the player, to create a great game.

An upcoming new release of Kawaii Ketchup

I’m beginning work on a new update to Kawaii Ketchup called the Baka Update, which I intend to release in the third quarter of the year. The update could be considered a beta version as I’ve already released something that resembles an alpha version after about eight months of development. A lot of changes to the game are coming. Here is but a portion of the planned activities:

  • Improve performance by using object pooling
  • Expand to other HTML5 game distribution platforms
  • Adhere to minimalism and improve performance by switching to pixel art
  • Change how ketchup bottles function
  • Change the player’s health decrease rate
  • Change the ketchup bottle spawn rate
  • Improve the touchscreen interface
  • Change how health pickups function
  • Add a variety of health pickups
  • Improve the user/player interface

Changing business model

I decide not to monetize the game with a premium model of selling it as a native desktop application. I was going to convert the HTML5 game to a native desktop application, but doing so was more complicated than I had originally thought. I like the convenience that web browsers offer users anyway.

So, even though I don’t and won’t have income for a long time (years), I decided to make the game free and open source. I’ll want to put the source code under some sort of open source license. The game itself and the art assets will be licensed under a Creative Commons license. I’ll also want to protect the intellectual property, so I’ll need to do some studying for that.

So how will I benefit from this free browser game? Well, I intend to establish an excellent intellectual property and brand. I want the game to be well liked by new fans and players. I believe that a donation-based business model will be noble and beneficial to the player. And I’m fine with the idea of having all my startups only generating an extremely small amount of income for a long period of time. The game’s development will continue with high quality content as a top priority.

Courage and strength

I do not have income and I do not have years of experience with the complexities of software as a service. But I do have advanced cognitive abilities that I was born with and I do have a dedication to succeed in this phase.

Gratitude alone does not produce favorable results. A positive mental attitude does not either. It is only with righteous action and behavior stemming from ambition and competence that excellent effects may be achieved. My present fortune of a budding infrastructure, birthed by a unique history of tragic ordeals that has nurtured a noble desire and an awe-inspiring skillset reminiscent of heroic spirits, is an instance of this phenomenon.

This belief of divine courage and strength is my beloved ethos of excellence. And I shall forever adhere to it as it will guide me to prosperity.

June 15, 2018