Quarterly report for Q3 2018

An overview of the state variables for the third quarter of the year 2018.

The following is a list of major state variables in a partially chronological order:

  • Created a full-stack to-do list web application.
    • Gained the capability to implement user accounts and HTTP-based user sessions using Node.js and MongoDB.
  • Created server notification and feedback Twitter bot module and has been integrating it into other systems since, especially for facilitating feedback for public facing projects.
  • Discontinued development of the Kawaii Ketchup game.
    • As a result of Kawaii Ketchup and other inspirations, a bias for simplicity developed.
    • Acquired data that revealed the need for collaboration with players or users when developing games or products.
  • Started up the Pantsu versus Baka project as a successor to Kawaii Ketchup.
    • Began acquiring outbound marketing skills.
    • Contacted sixty-eight people on Twitter as part of a new outreach and collaboration initiative with a seven percent positive response rate. This initial marketing campaign phase had a duration of thirty-nine days.
  • Using newly gained outbound marketing skills, sent first ever cold-email to a potential freelance client.
  • Discontinued the use of Google Analytics.
  • Acquired a cheap Orange Pi Zero single board computer to discontinue the reliance on cloud platform-as-a-service providers for deploying web applications.
    • Learned SQLite for the Orange Pi Zero’s constraints.
  • Published How to draw a line in D3.js tutorial for content marketing purposes.
  • Started up the Tategaki project.
    • Shared the service on the Reddit social platform and obtained data, experience, and feedback.
  • Returned to the development of the matrix multiplication project.
    • Shared the software library with the Hacker News online community and improved it as a result.
    • Also shared it on the Reddit social platform and obtained data, experience, and feedback.
  • Declared mandate of converging to a local optimum of prosperity before the end of the decade.
  • A great and virtuous ambition for obtaining a lifestyle of prosperity began to be nurtured, along with a new constitution, courage, and commitment that will serve it.
  • Published How to perform text classification using supervised learning tutorial and shared it.
  • Gained exposure through social outreach activities which possibly created the beginning of having a new audience.
    • Began improving brand and public image.
    • Began nurturing and exercising media manipulation skills.
  • Shared the How to force Express.js to use HTTPS tutorial on the Reddit social platform in an attempt to secure a monopoly on the Google search keywords “how to force express.js to use https” and to attract new audience members.
  • Published A consideration on URL encoding when posting a tweet on the Twitter platform essay.


Based on these state variables, assuming no external forces or anomalies occur, a lifestyle of prosperity as a relentless technology entrepreneur is highly likely to occur. However, at the current rate, the capabilities needed to achieve this effect, and the lifestyle itself, will take years to gestate. This is not taking into account the success of the prosperity local optimum convergence effort.

October 1, 2018