Now I'm starting up a 3D multiplayer game

I’m making my first 3D game.

I’m using the Babylon.js 3D game development framework as a utility to help me make the game.

I imported a 3D model and animation created in Blender into Babylon.js as a mesh. It was very difficult, but I resolved that task.

3D Game

Inside this Babylon.js rendered scene, it has screen space ambient occlusion, no speculars (no shininess), Babylon.js’s default shadows, and a simple hemispheric light source. It doesn’t look like how it was rendered in Blender and the animation didn’t look like how I made it in Blender, but that will be addressed later in the future.

Or maybe I should leave it like this. Considering I’d be a bad startup founder (and program manager) if I optimized product factors that will not result in marketing success, like the quality of the aesthetics–even though this is a consumer product (and a video game product, no less). It’s possible that my true target audience, my beloved players, would be content with having such low-performing graphics, especially if the gameplay compensates for it by being viable.

There’s no collisions between the ground and the player character and there’s no way to control the character yet, but I intend to soon achieve these effects as I want an Initial Product Release to happen before the end of this month of December. I already have experience in multiplayer game networking thanks to the development of–what I now deem as–the prototype of a multiplayer game. So that aspect will be easy to manage. I just need to learn how to operate the Babylon.js framework and that will be easy due to having experience with previous related projects.

The issue of concern now is to realize a game product idea that is minimum and viable.

December 5, 2018