My heart lies in serving the markets with excellence

My ambition is to obtain rewards from performing good deeds.

I received feedback about my new game that I’m making, Dark Integrity, and here’s the data that I received:


You can consider it to be noisy data or a noisy signal that warrants no heed. But I care. I care about others. I care about making accessible games that–instead of leaving out a segment of the population–include everyone, as fun, a human experience, is for everyone.

But there’s a problem.

I don’t have much experience with creating accessible games–which would be great games, in fact. So, I endeavored to obtain experience in this new space as my ambition includes providing for those who demand such products. I embarked on a new project.

I made a new game: Spooky Thing.

Spooky thing screen shot

The game was made in only four days and so its quality is not high. Nonetheless, it is a simple and small game–and accessible too. It only requires one button to play it.

This game can be iterated on and vastly improved in the future.

October 25, 2018