Making Moves

This week, Webdva makes progress in learning to focus while being committed to exerting great effort consistently.

A main menu for Kawaii Ketchup

Even though Kawaii Ketchup can be played on mobile devices, it lags heavily on them. But that’s alright, because for this operation, the mobile platform is unnecessary as I choose to focus on and target desktop devices. I believe that I’m making a good move by doing the equivalent of not trying to scale something that may not even gain traction.

Anyway, here’s the main menu I added which hypes up the atmosphere of the game!

main menu

I’ve also added music and properly attributed the source of it in the credits sub-menu.

I should be–and I am, in fact–very proud of the achievement of having went from this:

first iteration

to this, in the span of two months time:

latest iteration

My game development prowess is increasing and I noticed that the longer I work on a project, the more time I have to grow it, adding features to it and polishing it.

Duh, Dva!

SSL and migrating hosts

I don’t like’s unkind business model of up-selling, requiring you to additionally pay for an SSL certificate.

Nonetheless, I still believe in Reminduu and thus decide to pay for an SSL certificate. I’m in a state of negative cash flow anyway, so that’s normal anyway.

–Is what I would’ve said if I didn’t find out how to get a free SSL certificate!

Next, I migrated Reminduu away from being hosted on GitHub Pages to Heroku so that I can install my new SSL certificate and then later, use Node.js to bring out the big features planned for Reminduu.

Hunting for motivation

I believe that–I know that data science expertise and usage can help with things like developing capabilities for space travel. I came up with that idea while searching for motivation to endure this ten or twenty year process of securing my spot in the global economy.

A fantasy, where, in the future, I tell to others a tale of how I used to make and sell web games for a living and then I began a career of earning billions of dollars with creating hyper-advanced artificial intelligence technology.

Oh, and I have $0 of income right now, so that’s, like, a big motivation.

The cost of failure

A daydream, where my potential future employer and I would make such a great team as I would deliver magnitudes of value for them while they compensate me for it and support me with decent and compassionate leadership–but, that’s believing that we would be great matches for each other in the first place and that we are able to find each other, probabilities that I am very pessimistic about.

So, I continue on with my campaign of self-employment and entrepreneurship with not wanting to deal with the negative consequences of failing acting as one of my motivations.

Yes, running toward something as well as away from something.

Inspiration borne from another tongue

I learned the Japanese word 努める(つとめる)(tsutomeru) which means to be committed (to doing something).

I must be like that as this trek is the best option for me. I must not let dark realities stop me as I display my commitment to exerting great effort consistently.

Focus, as well as commitment.

I also learned the Japanese word 進歩(しんぽ)(shinpo) which means progress, advance, improvement, or development.

If only I could measure my progress so that I could see it. That would inspire me to forge on even more maybe.

Nonetheless, I am aware that I am making progress, even if it’s a wee bit, that’s greater than zero–a number that seems to be a common antagonist in my story.

January 5, 2018