Making a Commercial Game! Part Four: Adding more stuff! continues to hype his new startup-like lifestyle.

I don’t have a playable browser version allowing me to show the latest features as there was a problem with adding it to this blog post.

Nonetheless, I can tell you that I’m adding a lot of features as I’ve decided to make this game worth a price of $1. I decided to use a business model where can I freely give out demonstrations (demos) and then release deployment versions for premium prices.

I’ve also decided to change the name of the game to something more simple and sane, Kawaii Ketchup.

Apparently, marketing is a feature of games. Adhering to this new belief, I’m refining my marketing strategy. That led me to make certain design decisions such as adding an appealing game over screen that features Kawaii-chan.

game over screen

In fact, some of the challenges that I currently face are deciding the art for the game and determining what features to add or to not add. I also want to do something about the atmosphere of the game, as I myself like well-designed atmosphere in games. I’ve also been thinking about accessibility.

Though not necessarily related to the aforementioned accessibility, I changed how the ketchup bottles pursue the player, allowing the player to have an easier time to survive longer. I plan to add things that will give the ketchup bottles character, like having individual ones spawn with different parameters so that they can fulfill their role of acting as compelling hazards for the player.

I settled on (as I don’t like to spend a long time making decisions) this for the aesthetic of the player avatar:


It’s very simple and cheap! But it’s also abstract and can represent various things. This will also be the first time I create and use scalable vector graphics for a game.

And new ketchup bottles:

ketchup bottle

In the future, and as a career maker, I plan to create development videos on Youtube in order to be more accessible and hip. That will occur in later phases.

I’m currently cultivating the habit of working longer and longer while making the game, as my goal is to adapt to this new lifestyle that I’ve chosen and to succeed in it. I haven’t worked eight hours in a day yet as I’m still adapting to this new job, but I’m confident in my time-management skills. I believe that I’m an excellent “manager of one,” and I’m also aware that, as a creative tech entrepreneur (I should totally tell people that when they ask me what I do for a living), I need to manage many things in addition to the one me.

I’m not necessarily passionate about making video games, namely because of my current circumstances. I am, though, developing a fondness for improving at making good video games and starting up my business.

November 17, 2017