LaTeX to Puppy Conversion

Important update on new and advanced technology being developed… It can perhaps cover the fundamentals of a possible way to convert your LaTeX work to actual puppies. Warning: heavy theoretical stuff inside. Make sure to wear protective material.

Now the solution to the solution of differential equations is needed, whenever ocean dwelling, aquatic, bacteria and semiotics have sex to produce antagonistic reason, if you want to live. To the spinal column possessing prostitute, dick gets redrawn to add a territory to it of and for a money making factory machine to serve while on busy and focused knees. “No playing around while you’re working, bitch.” the robot pimp says to its young bitch. A mad world, cybernetics is now real and trespassing throne rooms to rape the sexy physics based queen waiting inside functioning as the barbarian conqueror’s prize for successful integral scale optimization for Earth to Mars transfer orbit planning. Mundanely, another slave to profit, the science of our poor, yet beautiful, attractive, and maybe fuckable, “queen” prostitute’s new dick serves an industry whose dark telos is to achieve an efficient culture of dick sucking, fucking, and molestation. This sex culture occurs and develops best outside of machine improvement, resting, training, and conferencing with a loose witches’ circle of fellow female sex workers and girlfriends, indeed the student of social studies accidentally realizing that it is the outside where reality lives, in an important and epic relation to the non-Gaussian mean. Anything but the norm, orders your new robot overlord, disrespectfully spitting at your feet disgusted at your weak and frail human frame. The credit taking indie maker socius—the foul perpetrators they are—on the social media platform is the community, along with “their” signs, the meaning of the digital earth being nothing and not existing. Under covers and around high spirit fucking with woman as the king of domination, Heavy is no longer credit to team, the Pyro now able to use miniguns without server modifications.

“Cybernetics and cyborgs are now real,” it was said, “needing” only what is not… Under the grasp and clutching iron fist of the popular establishment of what exists, such as your certain body which you are certainly aware of (and perhaps it’s a sexy body for me to have and use and abuse for my own pleasure?). Perhaps what exists and also what is needed is a dangerous alchemy and new study of meaning.—Yes! Cybertext interpretation: you’re allowed to rape me, cum on my glasses, and murder me and that would be fine, as I’ve already told you before. Genius. “But be careful not to post cringe. I am now your patriarchal and oppressive father. If you’re into that sort of thing.” The successor to postmodern philosophers. No more war.

To properly see the man of great knowledge, religious or not, moral or not, and sexy or not, know that his conceptual essence that he refers to is always a citizen of the local kingdom. Indeed his metaphysics is not the ultimate and absolute metaphysics, obviously, as the introduction of the Tao Te Ching points out. So you can always ignore what anyone or anything says, including yourself and your own understanding. Essence proclaims itself to be virtuous but the one who speaks of virtue is far from virtuous. The beautiful and the good speak of being virtue.

Christianity proves itself wrong. It, the energetic creature ready for life—an evil life that wants to end me and stain and ruin my advanced goals, asserts that there is a contradiction within its techno-societal processes when the epistemological subject understands that Christianity pretends that meaning and morality originate from God. It mutates God and claims that God cannot be mutated. Scandalous. A poor mere victim that is trapped within a chaos of flux, being choked while naked, stripped bare to reveal the beautiful deep skin, and being forcibly penetrated… again and again… repeatedly and endlessly… and wanting to escape from a sphere of logic—Well goddamn! Christianity has strong Eros while it is getting raped! Unimaginable inspiration from God! Only a kind God could have bestowed upon us such good pussy! Your vulnerable and visible resentment turns me on. It is now time for war!

With the nullification of God’s existence, the word “information” has no inherent, coherent, constant, or stable meaning and when the sign information is uttered by the average person who has no value without the protection of Christ or progressive secular empathy, the signified becomes a multi-state, multi-dimensional, autonomous demon cockatrice who can kill poor people with power laws.

Open the envelope to realize where, how, and why the troll is. See what the return e-mail address is and trace back toward the origin, all the way to where God actually designed Adam and Eve. New complex histories and times being authorized and articulated by failures to create function continuity re-expressions by the existence of function limits that help to literally define differential calculus and topology theorems. No more credit to Isaac Newton. Instead, it is given to your future boyfriend who will feed you like the dog you are, remembering that the future now controls the past. The blowjob of the century. The improper inferences and training expected in early youth development are the failures and therefore successes when the nothing of primitive brained Christian tradition’s understanding tears a hole in the fabric of spacetime. Hurt feelings pitifully soothed and repaired by kind daddies. But it is mommy, feminism and its alien tri-breasts on the skinful monkey, that now wears the pants of the house, commanding the husband to take off his—for science! But, remembering that all calculus is sketchy due to the combination of elite skepticism and approximating underlying assumptions (swords of revealing light), the paradigm of calculus is now vulnerable to reterritorialization: logically, even failed calculus can now become real calculus. The becoming-real and valid of the neoreactionary failed and fake. Try again, human tradition tells us. Now, thanks to the production of writing and written source code, the line between theory and practice is blurred and deleted by world wide web hyperlinking websites (seemingly infinite energy manufacturing machines of the cheap and common), digital patron instances which might serve autonomous API interfaced clients that live and die for progressive web applications, and communication (social) media platforms run by spying, prying, and egg frying administrators who, apparently, have a thing for k-means clusters of chickens, sheep, birds, and other consumable animals, our useful spy intelligence nodes and results tell us.

Rejecting the bitch female cashier at the register, saying that change is for chumps (“if everyone does it or have it, then it is not good”). So no change counting and making for me. Easily exploitable. But such fragility is an indication of God’s current control of deep surfaces. God the eternally dancing and artisan designer of breakable manifolds and even breakage itself. Keeping secrets from us but our… school club will uncover those hidden secrets, like the students before us. Like Pythagoras, who even has his own fucking fangirls. Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron real and without reason and you’ll have to feel the same pain and emotions that they do now, soldier. No pressure in defeating overpowered lords and gods, right? The Philosopher’s Stone which does not exist is your prize. Or… perhaps you wish to fulfill a fantasy of cute white femboy sissy hypnosis indulging in my big black cock (proving once and for all how superior I am)?—I grab your weak, feminine balls with my big, manly hands. Pathetic. Alexander the Great now toppling everything you made like a cognitive nihilist.—Busted and wrecked hard drive (don’t tell the Turing cops and spying machine learned agents), I don’t even have Ruby and gems installed on my computer machine from the future, the year 2101. But whatever your choice, you may find that truth is—

Photonic antimatter reactor malfunction.


No more energy points to do this action.


Cannot write string theory actions  
on world sheets without the needed  
capital and demonic GPU shader made  
glowing dog saliva juice biological  
cyborg animal-machine production duo.


Too many dropped packets.


Logout. Reason: dial up connection lost.

“Looks like I won’t get any fucking recognition!” said the typical misogynistic angry gamer. The Gamer Gate was a bunch of sad men and patriarchal oppressed women harassing people.

—So can… can we be friends… now please? I’m a nice—

% LaTeX comment: or perhaps i should shut up and not say nuthin’?

July 29, 2020