What does Webdva want to achieve?

Slow revenue growth, like how you slowly level up your character in an RPG game. That’s what I want.

One challenge that I face right now is surviving the death valley curve of negative cash flow that all fledgling new businesses go through when they are born. But I must believe that I can endure it.

Nonetheless, I don’t need high revenue right now in these early stages and I created three products/services in the last quarter of 2017 that provide value (even if only a wee bit of value). So, I’ll focus on the present instead of worrying about the future and I’ll be inspired by these achievements and progress!



I finished and launched http://reminduu.com.

This startup provides a small and simple service. It reminds you about one, and only one thing, the thing that’s most important to you right now.

For instance, for me, the most important thing for me right now is to focus on slowly growing my startups so that I can generate revenue for my new campaign of starting and running a small business, as that’s essentially what I’m doing right now.

gilgamesh money

I know that Reminduu currently can’t even compete with a mere pen and piece of paper that can do the same thing, and I know that there’s so many things wrong with it right now in its current, young state.

Nonetheless, I still believe in this startup, that I can grow and nurture it, adding features to it, and then getting compensated for it in return. And as such, I decide to play the entrepreneurship game and devote time and effort to this startup over a long period of time.

The future

Other challenges that I face are doing product work and traction work for these three new startups that I have, Kawaii Ketchup, Baka Youtube to MP3 Converter, and Reminduu.

I’ll have to work on these products, further developing them, adding new features, and stuff like that. That’s the product work.

I’ll also have to gain traction with my target consumers, marketing these products/services so that value, however slight in the beginning, may be delivered to others. And that’s the traction work.

Oh, and I decided not to become a Youtuber in 2018 so that I can do one thing and do it well. At least I had the confidence and courage to consider becoming a sexy Youtuber.

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December 28, 2017