A small fragment of truth I discovered that I altruistically and empathetically want to share with the world. Plus, I got nothing better to do than to share this revolutionary and world shattering theory. With you.

To imagine a place where self-design can rule, live, and maybe pardon all evil sins that might enslave the spirit or enchain the innocent heart of life’s foundation—and, more importantly, to achieve a life that is not morbid, suicidal, and backward, it is necessary to acknowledge truth, that, for instance, humanist seculars exhibit compassion and peaceful behavior, reasonably adhering to a techno-society’s rules and processes of morality, because, no matter how much people cry about the state of who has the capture-the-flag flag of truth, an act of feelings hurting and even violent power is always involved throughout a person’s entirety, life, and development. Perhaps you commit an act of violence by simply reading a book? Or with your friendly praise of hard work? The Christian God is fundamentally no different and its impotent power can be destroyed, nullified, and negated into tasty and red mush by simply not doing anything, especially when true power doesn’t appear to do anything. So tragic and pitiful, but any merely tribal Christian who says that large scale and capitalist-silicon global (or simply modern) society or community can’t “meaningfully” function without his advertised and enterprising energetic Christian god-ethics willingly doesn’t want to acknowledge reality nor power. Or maybe the intelligence is just retarded and thus unable to think and cognize the world and its nature (やった! shot down, noobs down. pat urself on the back). Maybe some powerful and damaging—heart breaking (my heart breaks just thinking about it!)—pathetic trauma caused this degeneracy of Christianity and life rejection and mere name-calling of abstract things? Christ’s imaginary power, along with the senile cognitive means of ordinary old men, is unable to meet the ever increasing and complex demands of large scale, growing, and thus healthy and strong industrial economy which becomes your new daddy, dear little baby girl. So the Bible is replaced by foreign influence and ability. Better ability. If only the humanly faithful would just let go of their faith, they would see truth and the lie that they have willingly submitted to—the entire time. The theist who says that God cannot do what it cannot do, that God is essentially defined by categories, “in relation to our limited and human understanding,” is asserting and claiming that the true God is a powerful force named reason (as the saintly and kingly rebellious Protestant Martin Luther will tell you) and that reality is arbitrary and that reality is determined by… feelings. But if such bad did not exist, then good would not be either. Perhaps a little bit of empathy is due for the bads of life? Empathy is a communist-communal sign of power that acts autonomously on its own and is techno-economic machinery that is discovered by man, and whose successful power level is funded by mathematical investors (but you must be careful with reductionism and actually morally value anti-reductionism). No “personality” has a “commitment” in “acting, on its own” with empathy valued over the religious subscription to the poor quality channel of dying ethics-power and theological aiming. Old and senescing intellectuals who passionately preach about combatting empathy with old conservative values and traditions are advocating for a monster alien efficiency’s anti-desire for efficient death and rebirth into godlike consciousness—nothingness. Your chance, you brave highly skilled player of difficult games, to commune with influential great old gods of earth and communicate with an evil, possibly ghostly, laughing man hacker that might hide in a shell and whose complex personality wants to admirably stand alone, such spiritual end the telos of an artistic childhood’s beginning, founded on a substrate of successful cybernetic deviation-amplification and bio-mutated cyborg courage, manly cyborg hardware, and elfin and sexy cyborg software of great integrity, health, and distant aristocratic majesty. And something else… The culture and proletarian intelligence with God given plebeian instincts that believes in neofeudal kings building cute little kingdoms comprised of foundational families and who also denounce, decry, and vilify liberal sexual displays and capital advertising are selling their daughters to equally power-law low-tier minds and biological genes while, as always, the exceptional transcend the discourse and make dangerous deals with devils. For the sake of what matters in life, the unmotivated, unskilled, and bad operating master intellectual of primitive traditions is deemed a threat by at least semi-autonomous capitalist efficiency and shockingly is already obsolete and dead, hunted down by a T-800 Terminator disguised as a sex worker from the future. Now, with the fast moving existence of optimally automated handjobs from small breasted cyberspace jacked-in military grade bio-tech upgraded hookers, visible and “obvious” resentment of more sexually successful (a success that matters a lot) e-girls triumphs and commands the daily operations of all conservative men and women. Shot down, good kill, desire for death! You pave the way to virtue. Me, for I become an exceptional conservative man who will need a—fine-ass trad bitch! Of community and human tradition. Perhaps one, a woman, that is intelligent and obviously not ugly. Otherwise, what’s the point of life if you’re ugly and failed? gg, no re(match (?)) Yes, concerned minds, this is rather dark and dangerous, but it’s sexy darkness and danger. So it’s okay. Virtue is for the few after all. While the plentiful rest should always be content with whatever crap they have.

August 29, 2020