I Play to Win: Blocking Woes

In darkness, only ambition and strength will save me.


The screenshot below shows what I have so far with my multiplayer game startup after seven days of development. It shows real-time player movement received from one player’s browser which is processed on the server side and then sent to the connected game clients.

Server side movement

A Great Endeavor

I’m making a multiplayer game. Unlike on the browser side where I have a game development framework to aid me in creating game logic, on the server side, I do not have the utility of a game engine as I must devise my own.

This causes me great frustration, but there is only frustration where strength does not lie. My ambition to achieve the success of making a multiplayer game will absolve me of the pain of frustration for my ambition compels me to seek strength and utility.

My courage to achieve the success I ultimately seek compels me to exploit my extremely flexible performance constraint and thus engineer a simple system and therefore make a simple game.

I endeavor to come up with a solution.

November 8, 2018