I added a respawn mechanic to the game

Respawning is an essential feature of multiplayer shooting games.

Respawn feature

What is happening in the above screenshot is that one player is damaging another player. When the health of the player who is being damaged reaches zero, the player respawns with full health after a five second respawn time.

Note that the projectiles disappear before they reach the player because the calculation of projectile positions on the client side lags behind what is determined on the server side. This issue will be addressed in the future after the Initial Product Release.


Video games require a lot of features. In the context of starting up a video game startup, that results in a high product development cost. There may be a positive aspect about this, but I don’t know what right now. Anyway, I’m going to neglect the technical performance of the Initial Product Release for the sake of achieving marketing success.

So I’m not going to add a respawn timer counter feature that shows the respawning player how long it is until they respawn in the Initial Product Release.

This decision marks the use of an innovative process (and yes, it’s an innovative process) that will enable me to quickly ship a product into the hands of my beloved players.

Gosh no, I said something like that.

November 17, 2018