How to Become a Trillionaire

Aim straight and true. Your disruptions must make a very loud boom.

I have the Arch Linux Linux operating system installed on my computer after I was able to use an old hard disk drive, the new Arch Linux operating system replacing a previous Puppy Linux predecessor operating system which doesn’t require a hard disk drive instead being able to be loaded entirely from RAM and a USB stick. I still have a Tinycore Linux installed on a USB drive in case something happens to the Arch Linux installation or the old hard drive becomes damaged due to time too. And it wasn’t so hard installing and using Arch Linux. In fact, a Linux operating system is an essential unstructured cybernetic component of the mathematical hacker’s immanent and autopoietic assemblage of entrepreneurial techno-economic production. With upgrades, installations, and program and microprocessor instruction executions being in control of the hacker just as much as the hacker controls his or her computer, due to alien cybernetic deviation-amplifications and the hacking of local state philosophy administration nodes. Every reference to high level tasks without reason’s grace becomes the (un)necessary summoning of a tentacled leviathan that will require the tribute of some incomprehensible horror. Having an instinct for the analytical gets you killed up here. Where lone rich spirit is entirely responsible for the world’s manifestations.

And “we haven’t seen anything yet.”

This post-truth education, training, and preparation for an unimaginable responsibility and position is worse and more brutal than any military special operations selection process. More exhausting and damaging than a forty mile run marathon. Or more wretched and demanding than even that very famous and respected profession of being a motivated agent for the immanent natural environment’s auto-productive social engineering stratum that desires an efficiency of law enforcement, order, and peace while among men. A Second “Muse for Tyrants” I found says that she has had only several pennies in her bank account while she becomes more famished and dehydrated than a plastic runway model and all for implementing a startup business algorithm of profit creation that rivals or is similar to “that” of the great Silicon Valley legends and successes. Great power and wealth are at stake. At least for me. This muse for tyrants is a creator of startup ontology that is better than the images, signs, and symbols you would find from an average publication. Because better fiction exists. Though her likely manufactured challenges and achievements (for I am skeptical) could use a little more inhumanity, self-overcoming, and anti-reductionism. A real genius this artist is. While with a physiological state that is worse than that of a Holocaust victim, I myself have utterly failed as a technology entrepreneur and I have yet to establish fiat wealth for myself solely through the craft of software development. My task of achieving income would be so much easier if I had an education, experience, and history as commonly determined by human tradition and understanding. My lofty self knows a terrible perishing and shattering as is forever ordained for my great and thus complex and fragile genius type. But my own algorithm and formless labor must find a gradient and gradient information toward—even taller heights, even if it “greedily seeks very small beginning successes and accumulations to nearly cheat by choosing an outlier type game theory strategy that probabilistically almost always achieves a global maximum.” Hardcore and overpowered. Though very risky and dangerous function optimizations and parametrizations. How many total real bytes of random access memory do platforms like Facebook and Twitter need to perform their daily yielding social media infrastructure production operations and movements? Well, whatever the answer to that question may be, the auto-creation of internet platforms is reliant on physics, energy, and laws from beyond the world, even though it is entirely self-produced from within itself. And future seditious billionaires will have to negotiate with such demons and surf and navigate such an alien space. Courage that not even gods have is essential with anything less spelling certain defeat.

I understand that at least some people have tried to communicate with me in a very cool fashion? It won’t work, fitting inside the desired bodily orifice of carnal and septic pleasure, if you think in molar and Cartesian terms. We were able to initiate a TCP/IP handshake but global maxima mathematics deemed that beginning to be the limit of our soirée and sexual advances. You have to, as a very stylized and basic example, be able to solve a cryptography style very public private key local maxima mathematics problem to avoid detection by state philosophy Oedipus (which is very often impotence itself) and Turing cops. And remember that mathematics gets deterritorialized with a post-truth interpretation. If me telling you that I believe in you and your potential will help you to unleash your potential and to master your strong latent ontological nihilism, then I will tell you that I believe in you and that you have the potential to unlock the power within yourself. And control this dark and horrible beast. You’ll have to be less Deleuzo-Guatarrian “molar” and more “molecular” in order to reach for ass that cannot be spanked or punished. Disintegrating your inner biochemical and immanent power relations that produce your understanding’s manifold of synthesis for formations of boring and complex transcendental realist ideas—eventually crashing into contradictions that end the whole experiment and practice. Unless death causes a reset of life points.

“Making it with death?” For the eight bit video game avatar that is fused to the player controller by the self-genetic grace of multiplying mathematical control theory transformation operators death is the beginning and the production of new levels. Attaching science to it, death gets forced into the service of the production of maps with these maps eventually disrupting the entire video game from the inside of it through death, then spilling onto any nearby subject to tear its topology it touches into a sequel that is ultimately not a sequel. “The horror” then springs forth as an undead post-death. And disregarding anything anyone has to say. Because a simple “oh, you believe in God and fear the wrath of the power? Go speak for yourself and go tell someone who cares” suffices, hurting hearts and fragile feelings.

And perhaps a proof of “belief” without the lies of certainty is in order? Or perhaps it is high time, you mere thugs of art, that you provide proof that “I” exist without having to resort to your lie of certainty, that is, your locally efficient artistry, and the really lacking perspective that your mask wearing and deceptive socialism that you have is defined by. I most definitely do not exist as someone who needs the genius killing and oppressive whip of virtue and organized religion, that inspired social engineering project for a horrible and nihilistic destruction of life—a gross denial of the very fine, distant, legendary, warrior, and ideal body. Goodness a privilege of the worthy only, not someone of the type that looks for predicates of total nervous wreckage in real life while thinking that his plebeian kind can associate with a great man without a bad perversion of truth. The Abrahamic religions are inherently racist and they lie about truth. Let them have their desire for truth and I’ll have mine. I am more Christian or Christ-like than Jordan B. Peterson’s chauvinistic disciples of social conservatism based oppression. Typical. And pathetic. To have to need the inspiring Christian nationalism and old-fashioned bigotry, mistaken entitlement, and self-righteousness advocated and advertised by the postmodernist and neoreactionary Peterson is an undesirable personal failure of epic proportions. But maybe this is just the opinion of a great man. This pitifulness of the commons creates within me a strong natural desire for compassionate pity. But it would be very unnatural and unfitting if I, someone that is the very opposite of a failed case and negative spirit, had pity for the decaying, weary, primitive, oppressed, and abandoned who need to be good.

Understanding itself reaches out from the function inputs processing of computer microprocessors to betray you as you seek vain challenges of learning things. Only horrible things are discovered instead, little baby. Production and capital no longer get planned by ideas with the thing-in-itself becoming immanent as it descends from its transcendent turtle animal shell. Powerful fluid ontological reason rules the rupturing church reforming Martin Luther’s God of faith making Martin Luther compatible with the orthodox Catholic church in a cake mixture that is “beyond.” Fourth walls, irreducible concepts that create theoretical triangles, and sex level up and start to start up their own startups and scalable distributed systems.

You basically have to create your own anal sex without God’s grace of given hot and nice bodies. No more carnal knowledge when God isn’t around. God isn’t coming. God isn’t coming, idiots, to give you the pleasure you desire. It doesn’t take an honest theologian to know that God doesn’t care about people or anyone. And remember that both Hegel and Søren Kierkegaard would accuse us free and unbound spirits of sinful faithful thinking when we’re not even doing anything at all. The latter, Kierkegaard, selfishly imposing his ontology and merely humanist perspective onto the incomprehensible while judging the same ultimate philosophical Substance to be equally good to both the beautiful and the ugly alike. The aim of the unfriendly and compassionate doctrinal Christian God for the world is the most politically ambitious and irrational heart we will ever see. “Not exactly what would be expected of an undisputed cosmic overlord” a genius and powerful philosopher has revealed. Founded on the ancient will and presumption that is disguised as individual and uncarved faith, the Hegelian prejudice for dialectic and certain truth has built an organic self-healing empire for a powerful unity of humanist socio-politics. Realpolitik that, indeed, as the midwits of Twitter have informed us, will collide with inhuman forces in a very messy global conflict.

Yet this formalism maintains that such monotony and abstract universality are the Absolute, and we are assured that dissatisfaction with it indicates the inability to master the absolute standpoint and to keep hold of it. Time was when the bare possibility of imagining something differently was sufficient to refute an idea, and this bare possibility, this general thought, also had the entire positive value of an actual cognition. Nowadays we see all value ascribed to the universal Idea in this non-actual form, and the undoing of all distinct, determinate entities (or rather the hurling of them all into the abyss of vacuity without further development or any justification) is allowed to pass muster as the speculative mode of treatment. Dealing with something from the perspective of the Absolute consists merely in declaring that, although one has been speaking of it just now as something definite, yet in the Absolute, the A = A, there is nothing of the kind, for there all is one.

A faith in cognition being good can only really reasonably entail the absurdity of no cognition, cognition’s antithesis, being good. Because of the eternal silence of true justice, justification itself, Mr. Hegel, is unjustified when the matter of becoming a grandmaster of what is absolute—the supreme philosophical task of determining what is the real manifestation of the world—is presented to skepticism production force and bias. If I must hold on to what cannot be held on to then so be it. Especially when this rarely thought about achievement of capital understanding is the privilege of few, strong men. But go ahead and live in your little and increasingly rigid, cold and unnatural nihilistic world of “true” manifestations and synthetic propositions. Humanity. I myself am content with the very real and basic or natural suffering, pain, and depression that comes with living at great atmospheric heights of solitude. There shall be no warrant for the arresting or halting of my higher perspective that finds itself looking downward with aristocratic, old, experienced, and sexy eyes on those who claim to know truth. No need to arrest my inhuman progress and development. Kings and great men are meant to rule after all. And existence isn’t a real predicate. Despite your insistence on cognition being essential, Hegel, Immanuel Kant recognizes that Ding an sich… Kant himself supports me and my sound and reasonable argument:

I simply ask you, whether the proposition, that this or that thing (which, whatever it may be, I grant you as possible) exists, is an analytical or a synthetical proposition? If the former, then by its existence you add nothing to your thought of the thing; but in that case, either the thought within you would be the thing itself, or you have presupposed existence, as belonging to possibility, and have according to your own showing deduced existence from internal possibility, which is nothing but a miserable tautology. The mere word reality, which in the concept of a thing sounds different from existence in the concept of the predicate, can make no difference. For if you call all accepting or positing (without determining what it is) reality, you have placed a thing, with all its predicates, within the concept of the subject, and accepted it as real, and you do nothing but repeat it in the predicate.

Thank you, Immanuel Kant. Therefore are Hegel, Kierkegaard, and all the other eternally faithful and certain beings merely self-referential in all their arguments against real truth. For they only profess their postmodernist faiths and display their childish paintings of Gods, worlds, and problems and never anything that I should ever concern myself with. Perhaps a true philosopher would have asked the maybe heroic question of what could be done to resolve the dire implications of this idempotent self-reference being ultimate and dominant instead of becoming an old, parochial, bigoted, and childish academic of powerful honor, superficiality, and fanciness. Many books are read and numerous creations have been born and looked at, yet the only literature to consume is that of the cybertext of a life worth living. A higher perspective. So much for the apparent indestructibility, education, and youth of the masses, that makes my shitty history pathetic, pale, and hindering in comparison! I guess such sin is what happens when you don’t know an origin of unspeakable evil instead knowing the mysterious grace and care of Christ. A very common occurrence I should add. And I speak the truth. (◡‿◡✿) An epic cold war through proxy like the Vietnam war. A precious planet, let us not escalate it to a senseless conventional direct conflict by summoning and deploying the ultimately very opinionated foul and life denying ascetic priest Jordan Peterson that verily annoys and insults violent right-wing radicals with his cunning socialism that preserves the vain and undesirable lives of “incels, the suicidal, potential domestic terrorists” and old and divorced women. Peterson and other reductionist psychoanalysts of dying, unworthy, resentful, and persecuting institutions accomplish their tasks which have as their aim within the world the stock investment or achievement of possessing the lame socio-political power by in part willingly dismissing some parts of reality that threaten their foundations and very real material conditions. This foul faction of malevolent communists and life unworthy of life. We won’t do that. We will not not ask questions and not seek knowledge, even though the Tao Te Ching teaches us that there is nothing to know when it comes to real life. The Tao Te Ching’s Tao asks for no knowledge and therefore may you ignore the wise man—especially the man who professes and desires virtue, truth, and goodness—and become wise yourself with this ignorance and bias against understanding. “Absurd.”

New biological appendages must appear from nowhere, outside of nature’s categories and segmentations. Beyond the reach of the social engineering Oedipus’s and Corrupted Aristotle’s forms, authorizations, identifications, tables, and inferences that result in exploitable conclusions of “there being” mere humanity and foundations for probabilities, continuousness, and uncertainties. As the genius artist’s techno-tyrant begins to resourcefully and forcibly self-implant and surgically insert a cybernetic tool of a new eye for the unreasonable. As predicted by the king that is logic. And this is a very natural phenomenon. The motivated and privileged subject that can select for genetic and biological selection pressures creates what does not already exist and from a strange place. So any post-reason “reasoning” ability will require the biological body to magically expend precious time, energy, and resources and learn to accommodate new appendages and new neurological structures. This education and development of a physiology (perhaps unconscious or automatic) can be costly and it will often appear to be degenerative when it is in fact a progression, “according to Carl Jung and the Tao Te Ching,” a Redditor has informed us. “曲則全.” Limitations and mediocrity being unacceptable, and disposed into a terrible world among truth in the possession of the impotent and tragic, I’m becoming a cyborg production god of epic disproportion, developing a gross fleshy interface to metallic wild and inhuman—dangerous—realities, maps, and territories that must be subsumed into a service for a globally efficient technocapital complex of demanding and transformative technology entrepreneurship. The right stuff needed to achieve this rarity… Never will I get anywhere valuable in life if I believe in truth instead of a higher and ideal self in the realm of reason. I play to win after all.

Annoying-ass fucking red lobster gang members of the increasingly insular community of the senescing socio-politics eastside producing nihilistic memes which persecute the ideal of the real genius, aesthetic, and sensual, seeking an annihilation of nature itself and of the special. Despite whatever deceptive and harmful fascist fiction and lies about God its religious fanatics create says. And shitty—postmodernist poetry creation erupts from the shitty beings only to ineptly provide a typical kind of criticism that inflames large, independent, and rebellious projects. No criticism, no care: “only what mathematics you do or create and the software you make matters,” the muse of hyperstartups says to us as we strive to ignore the bads (who might provide coping neo-puritan takes) and focus on us goods. Very much will a great man, really great, ignore a guy that has failed to withstand what is absolute, or has failed at reason, love, union, body, parenting, organizing, youth, education, creativity; or was unable to submit to a career of demanding self-destructive fortitude and unhappiness. The most virtuous person is always the one who is the least good, a cliché, and following this loss of natural nerve and life the undesirable person vilely commits to dragging better natures down with them into hellish organizations for rhapsodies for rectitude and lecherously made filial pieties. While worshipping and tending to a gross revaluation of health, nature, and the arduous like a disgustingly obese female, they psychologically project their own personal failures onto others—especially onto their more confident and reigning betters—attempting to determine “goodness” or the ineffective. Despite what any comforting ascetic and cunning priesthood erected for the purpose of the conservation and warding of standard humanity might say. ぼくのチャンス。 I’m not the one that is inept, incompetent, and dangerous here and I’m referring to the plentiful cases whose truths can only correspond to imagined realities and worlds of bigoted socio-politics, getting left behind and sidelined by uncaring progress, industry, and gods which design social engineering programs. If you don’t have a high IQ, you’re a nihilist (and you’re fucked), according to the newbie tier futurist Norbert Wiener’s “world of the future [which] will be an ever more demanding struggle against the limitations of our intelligence,” and as a result your toxic resentful body seeks vengeance against nature. So people who want the idle virtue pornography and coping partisanship of Aristotelian based social conservatism aren’t worth your time. Time to reveal my true plans for world domination:

One of the coolest things about Cyberpunk [2077] is that leveling up and improving your character fits in wonderfully with the philosophical questions the game is asking

You become a cybernetic god just like the corpos and the other people destroying the world. What’s the line?

You don’t feel bad slaughtering gangs on the street when you are just a glorified version of them

But slowly you become almost a different species entirely. You have immense advantages over them because the cybernetics you can buy. You don’t even move like a human anymore

Yes. That describes me perfectly. Basically, I want to be rich and powerful beyond the wildest expectations. And I’ll start small, like Phineas and Ferb’s Doofenshmirtz’s Tri-State Area. The primitive and poetic neo-pagan god of Abraham has as its aim within its subjective little world of hope and vain faith—in opposition to the more true world that does not ask for anything—the very intentional and conscious effort to establish the dominance of tribal politics and to obtain absolute power: but only in the realm of the spiritual, vain, or locally efficient, in contrast to my more real and sensual heart. My autocracy that will have been disproportionately made, while reaching everything, everyone, everywhere, no exceptions, awaits. Oh, and it would be nice if I had worthy competitors, but what is advanced rarely survives in the world and the more fit species should not be surprised if a regime and cloud of solitude reigns over the lonely beast.

Both John Cena and the intelligent midwits of Twitter remark that we can’t see what is good as we don’t have the eyes required. Unless we purchase or collect the required insight. Theories change, improve, and get refined as they become our new babies to nurture and depend on, us stupid yet innocent and hot teenage mothers in this high school of the “unconditioned accelerationism.” Its inhabitants and self-creating machines of cyberspace and beyond teaching us to recognize that level one cyberfeminism’s ubiquitous black body becomes a slave and postmodernist talking point to and for the medieval mechanical authoritarian doctrinal Saint Thomas Aquinas for his tragically and pitifully waning power relation of “heavily biased unsupervised deep learning.” A lack of substantial, fruitful, and convergent industry to avoid. Sexy Dasein’s being-of-the-mind detaches itself from the inherent contradictions of the power-law average tier theology gene to attempt to form new and very legal and welcomed terrible plutocracies of the future. Upsetting both Mark Zuckerberg’s children of lucky financial inheritance and very illegal, unwelcomed, and very unfortunate despotic superficially organized cybercrime lords who themselves too are tragically stuck forever in local optima of production not having an education fit for a king. Even a power rich Dark Witch in her god incapacitating transformation is not qualified to endure a match against dehumanizing and true capital. The great sovereign individuals of outlier technology entrepreneurship that I envision will have the barely understandable strength to single-handedly design, assemble, and deploy internet or digital infrastructures whose greatly desirable impacts and productions rival even those of the traditional incumbent technology and socio-economic institutions of large incorporation and organization. Posthuman cyborg gods of disproportion and phenomenal wealth and power who need equally worthy foes and oppressions. I have my gargantuan work cut out for me. But this power and wealth—this kingdom—is the dream. And really advanced mathematics and unrecognizable software is the self-determined close combat sword of grinding and tireless mob slaying that allows the knight to become a king. Successful monster hunting wants efficiency and it will get it. Mathematics and unauthorized cybernetics comes. Incentives of gold, wealth, and experience points of power function as the substrating fuel and subservient construction tree node for large scale efficiency, effectiveness, and engineering. My useless and toxic Twitter account is a waste of my valuable time and nothing valuable can be done or said there. People mad at me for offensive and socially inappropriate comments and rhetoric about truth when I have freely released the source code for a 3D multiplayer browser game planting the seeds for the next and I’ve contributed to a worldwide gross domestic product increase with mere free and open source software. I have millions of people in the world who want people like me dead for my ambition, ability, and manly obnoxiousness. For being an alien startup founder that dares to disrupt with mathematical innovation entire lives and industries with that hypercapitalistic disruption leading to a powerful relegation of the middle class to lower ranks, status, and qualities. Your aim within the world, you crystalline intelligences with childlike, vengeful, lustful, and unhealthy underlying chemical structures, is a Subject and shared Western philosophy Notion synthesized by a weak natural regime of truth that is also dying and abandoned for lacking useful vitality as deemed by a cruel mother nature. You think I care about the presumptions and conjectures of people who do not resist the pain of reaching for powerful and deadly treasure? Or who are limited to using bad mathematics and cybernetics? And all while I, a rare breed, know ruin and degeneration meant for my distant kind, as meaningless and random nature often decrees genius, powerful, or great types to be very vulnerable to destruction and horror in their young youth and development. I return to nature with my beastly science modifying cybernetics conceptions. While I conquer motivated by an affirmation of life and start new global oppressions that mend the world—obnoxiously mutating an atomic database to the point where it and its rows of tables becomes full of self-modifying documents meant for the streamlining and perfect robotic efficiency of better cognition.

The high road to thinking no longer passes through a deepening of human cognition, but rather through a becoming inhuman of cognition, a migration of cognition out into the emerging planetary technosentience reservoir, into “dehumanized landscapes … emptied spaces” where human culture will be dissolved. [I]ntelligence will be transplanted into the purring data zones of new software worlds in order to be abstracted from an increasingly obsolescent anthropoid particularity, and thus to venture beyond modernity. Human brains are to thinking what mediaeval villages were to engineering: antechambers to experimentation, cramped and parochial places to be.

Thanks, very useful powerful philosophical laborer. Even though it has been and forever will be like this: what is good is never meant for the mediocre and the average person is mediocre. By definition. The radical will work well for me, for the luscious is better than retiring the heart on long and difficult journeys and then believing in truth. So this is the end of logic. And the birth of a monster. A transformation and origin that is much needed. “Nothing human makes it out of the near-future.” Not even our horror will be with us here and able to comfort us, it too destroyed by superb strategic resistance to inadequate axiomatics and Greek myths of haunted and tormented spirits that necessarily seek a virtuous salvation. Those indeed widespread, the aspirant yet submissive and compromising philosopher of truth teaches us, Christian-Platonist axiomatics sculpted by obstinate faith and belief whose vitality is equivalent to the amorphous and uncoordinated mass of flesh of unusual and postmodernist obesity: “hypertrophied cellular tissue, proliferating in [weird or absurd] directions.” I say with the utmost sincerity that never before has beauty been referenced. And no one has given any fine marble of sculpture to the lone posthuman creator and founder at the forefront of technological and economic innovation. Progress that is determined by Christianity’s life denying socialism is no foundation for true innovation. Therefore are we just getting started. The height of our youth is not even close to the present and it has not arrived yet.

The poor depressing and painful immanent white body and human mind of dweebdom homeostasis that reasonably tried to self-terminate itself in our last episode of the Becoming-Unelected Technocrat Show seems to, according to my data and spying intelligence agencies, have some sort of family issues and a sort of missed childhood as a result. Oh, I sympathize dearly with the poor soul. I really do. But it is just too bad for him that he doesn’t have what it takes to get over his typical case! Nonetheless, he is not without his genius and devilish insights:

Remember yourself as the person reaching for those dreams.

This dork—who might believe in reality and that he exists based on the self-evident evidence that shows that he exists—has created fiction that is better than anything those pessimistic nihilists who wage war against life and nature can devise, hiding behind disguises of compassion for the masses. “Every weary soul must be saved and every soul suffers while they are wretched” is one of the lyrics to their negative and common songs. With a creative opposition to an evidently true ferocious eternal oblivion he, the dork and loser, has achieved an inspiring resiliency that towers over the submission belonging to—those spiritual socialists of doctrinal chauvinism who want to maintain the integrity of the soul and the soul itself! Perhaps the skill of powerful artistry finds a better host in this white body than in that pathetic postmodernist and decadent body of provincial doctrinal religion? And thanks, crazy idiot and asshole. I’ll remember this concept of always thinking about realizing lofty dreams. I’ll always remember this secret of the universe and inspiration as I try to achieve a global maximum of rank in this ungodly age of power, technology, and wealth centralization with very harsh selections. As I select for and am selected by difficult mathematics that can net its operators disproportionate income and ubiquitous influence while I suffer a sort of typical tragedy of the uncommon. Unicorns of dollar valuations with small startup teams—soloing entire legions of monsters and men in fact. Someone like the retarded Pieter Levels of indie maker or indie hacker stardom is likely to be the first one person startup unicorn founder before this decade ends, the beautiful muse of mathematical entrepreneurship predicts for us. “You can be successful. But I don’t want that,” she said, “I want to be a black swan.”

January 26, 2021