What's up D.va? A Halloween Game!

I’m currently making a Hallowen game for the year 2017. Since I can’t contain my ambition and passion in a 140-character tweet, I wrote this blog post!

Halloween is one of D.va’s (.i.e., my) favorite holidays. That and Christmas, “the most wonderful time of the year!” Since I’m very passionate and inspired by Halloween, this game will receive lots of D.va’s great love!

Development time is going to be more than a month as I estimated that a month is not long enough. I also really, really want to have a small scope so that this becomes my most polished and thus best game yet!

I even have a falling KawaiiSprite, a custom Phaser.Sprite whose internals I’m currently designing for the game:

Halloween 2017 game progress

But what about the minesweeper clone! And the other things too!

Oh! Yes, I still have to develop Pantsu Sweeper and I’m going to use my above-average time management skills to complete both of these games! And the traditional roguelike which I haven’t even wrote a single line of code for yet because I claim that I’m doing architectural planning–oh, gosh! Looks like I’ll have to really be spectacular and excellent now!

Also, I decided to continue to pursue the sprite sheet web app idea so that I can have a completed project in my stock rather than just an executed idea.

Wow, that’s a lot!

And that’s not all! Due to my intense passion and drive, my days consist of me longing for:

  • Japanese language proficiency
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and 3D skills (it’ll increase my game development capabilities)
  • machine learning skills (can also make me a better game developer and has many fruitful applications)
  • computer science knowledge like algorithms and data structures so that I can be able to solve many problems when making stuff
  • increased strength, endurance, mobility, and health so that I can be more resilient and so that I can be as strong as Super Saiyan Blue

Wow, D.va! So inspiring!

There’s something D.va wants. A vision to be executed and fulfilled.

My former drill sergeant once told me that no one else will be there to push me, that only I can push myself.

The decision that I choose to make at this critical time is to motivate and discipline myself and the strategy that I choose to use is to “do it now.”

September 23, 2017