I've come a long way

I may be starting out at zero with $0 of income, but my skill, knowledge, and character, no way! I possess fine attributes.

It’s time I create a new environment of positivity as I too possess the strength to forge dreams and realities.

Budding growth mindset

It’s not like I immediately got rewarded with an incubating life support mechanism. No, instead, I had to start out naked, with little currency and at level zero, much like how my toon was when I first played the MMORPG game known as Aion.

Let’s work very hard in generating income for ourself. Let’s do the equivalent of starting out from level one in the Aion MMORPG game and then reach the endgame. Then let’s do the equivalent of grinding for kinah (the main currency in the game) and Abyss Points (another form of currency) and obtain the Governor rank (one of the highest competitive ranks a player could obtain in the game), a noble and great feat. Let’s potentially walk the path of an outlier like Elon Musk and obtain untold riches.

Let’s forge our own destiny with our own hands in an attempt to get what we want and need.

That’s the prescription I’ve given myself, the reality I’ve bestowed upon myself. Play a game where I’m nerfed and have to behave a certain way? Or play a game where I can use all my spells and be unrestrained? I chose the latter.

Introducing KawaiiPredicts

Dva finally started to target businesses and leave the poor (non-financially speaking) consumers alone. After all, big businesses have lots of capital/money/whatever with unique missions that require innovative, and thus often technologically advanced, solutions. I can be their savior, delivering innovative solutions to them using my advanced skills.

An opportunity for Dva to exploit.

I look forward to working with my future partners and hope that both of us may benefit. Oh, and I’ll make sure to charge more than what I would charge consumers as that’s the culturally acceptable thing to do.

So, now, I target both consumers and businesses.

Predict the future with a fancy chart

I’m currently making KawaiiPredicts, a new predictive analytics tool that helps you predict the future.

It uses simple linear regression (Yes! Dva finally started to use his data science knowledge more) to help the user determine trends based on their data sets that they query the web app with.

The important thing, now, is to race to the minimum viable product’s completion, as fast as possible, with an arbitrary soft cap deadline of two weeks. As time goes on, I could add more features and establish an API service for those that need simple linear regression functions.

Enumerating KawaiiPredict’s potential

I have the budding engineering ability and the motivation to use tools like brain.js and neataptic to create startups that use neural networks to create innovative and resourceful solutions for unique problems. I’m very, very grateful for these opportunities. And I’ve noticed that people would like me to share my knowledge. I’ll use this blog to do so then.

And this influx of new artificial intelligence initiatives has the short-term effect of delaying Kawaii Ketchup’s development time. But that’s alright.

Becoming a hip, skilled coder

Writing the API endpoint for the backend server, I realized that I’m becoming hip, because of this hip code:

// compute linear regression line.
// :datapoints must be in format of 5-3-10-17-15-4-20-6 which would translate to [[5, 3], [10, 17], [15, 4], [20, 6]]
app.get('/regression/:datapoints', (req, res) => {
    // decode data points from the arbitrary encoding design into an array of numbers
    const dataPoints = req.params.datapoints.split('-').map(Number);

But I must be careful, lest I fail in my objective of making a product and shipping it. I must abstain from doing hip things like having a bias toward writing clean code because my circumstances require me to build things quickly. I may have the ability to follow what the hip majority may call best practices, but I’m in a position where I need to not do that.

Instead, I must adopt a bias toward minimalism. I made a mistake with Kawaii Ketchup by adding some hip features, decreasing the amount of minimalism in it and therefore increasing the scope and development time of the game. So much rides on these products I’m making that it would be easier for me if I would adhere to minimalism.

About to launch it!

After seven days of progress, I finally created the first minimum viable product for KawaiiPredicts. I first finished making the backend API endpoint that calculates the user’s linear regression line. Then, I succeeded in making the browser frontend use D3.js (a Javascript charting library for making pretty visualizations) to display the user’s data points and the regression line.

I finally learned and used D3.js. +1 Hip Points.

D3.js finally

Tales of an increase in productivity

Managing talent and sustained effort. To be more specific, using talent combined with sustained effort in order to maximize potential, yield high returns, and accomplish my objectives.

It won’t always be like this, but you must use your strength and make a sustained effort in elevating to a better place.

I’ve discovered and realized that others have the same problem as me, that of remembering and implementing the many and various things that we learn which would help us in our daily endeavors. I guess that’s why people need heroes and leaders to inspire them, to give them frequent reminders to forge on. I’ll become my own hero that inspires and reminds me every day.

To be effective, and to become a true hustler, I must learn to become unrestrained and devote all my time and effort to producing commodities. My confidence in my progress is increasing. If I can continue to destroy all thoughts and mental models that would hinder my ability to be productive, then I will become successful.

Cultivating positivity

Being the sexy and charismatic businessman that I am, I’m taking a big risk by making an investment in using these four or eight months that I have to start up a business. Not having any income while having my income depend on me succeeding as a maker of web-based products and services is suuuuuper stressful.

But I’m extremely intelligent and wise.

I’m super confident in my strengths.

I’m becoming a very capable entrepreneur.

I’m altering my circumstances and reality.

I have many things to be grateful for. I’m already taking action while being motivated and inspired as I already possess all that I need. I satisfy all requirements, so I’m heading towards the next phase.

100 days of code? More like a ten year campaign of using coding to create a better life for me.

I may not become a billionaire in ten years, but I will obtain the non-zero income that I seek. My Axiom of Serenity.

Changing business model

My business model may undergo a shift. I’m leaning towards refining my current strategic business model. The benefit of this is that, potentially, you can expect a lot of free stuff! Like the final version of Kawaii Ketchup.

Essentially, I’m thinking of adopting an advertising-based revenue model and a donations-based revenue model (for Kawaii Ketchup and future games) for slowly generating my revenue.

My previous thoughts on the viability and sustainability of the advertising-based revenue model were wrong. More than likely because of the cognitive distortions of social bias and survivorship bias.

Now that I think about it, revenue that comes solely from ads doesn’t seem so bad right now. The slow growth nature of the advertising-based revenue model aligns with my new philosophy of slow progress anyway. I didn’t believe that relying on ads was sustainable or viable, but now that my mindset and behavior have changed, the advertising-based revenue model is more appealing to me now.

That means then that I’ll return to the Baka Youtube to MP3 Converter and use this new revenue model.

Here’s an update that I shipped yesterday, a progress indicator and popup text:

ship update

Abandoning Reminduu

I’m not gonna move forward with this startup. I kinda regret paying $9 for the domain name even though I said that I believed in its potential. I can’t afford the time to create a user accounts and database architecture with Twitter OAuth authentication and all the other backend server stuff that Reminduu would need, such as an e-mail API.

This is what it looks like now though:

reminduu demonstration

January 19, 2018