An entrepreneur's unrestrained passion

I made a neural network. Finally! It can classify text like “feed my waifu Saber” as an intent of hunger.

Birthing a startup that uses neural networks

The design of the data wrangling method is robust and should be able to handle most situations that could occur very well. Or at least, that’s the goal for that set of components. Regardless, what works right now will have to do, even if the result is disappointing, as I have business objectives to accomplish.

I gained experience in a lot of things during the first week of creation of this new startup that I’m about to unleash onto the market:

  • How to deal with Javascript promises
  • Navigating the Twitter API in order to mine data from that platform
  • Finally understanding the bag of words model and actually using it
  • Training and tuning neural networks
  • How to think about data when leveraging machine learning to achieve a result
  • I have a wee bit of experience in text classification now

I still have to write that how to make your own neural networks blog post, but only when I’m closer to generating income for myself as that’s my first and foremost objective. And this new startup will help me with that, which is essentially an automated news site with articles written by kind robots with a kind bias.

Nuances of neural networks

When tuning and pruning the hyperparameters of the neural network, I discovered that an error rate of 0.0001 is a whole lot different from an error rate of 0.00001. One decimal place. The lower the error rate for this particular case of judging a person’s words, the more confident the neural network is in making its judgement.

And it’s hard to accurately judge whether a particular sentence came from a certain type of person or not. The more sentences you have from a person, the better your judgement can be.

Still, I choose to make the artificial intelligence cautious with its judgments, at least for now until I have more time, data, and experience in this problem domain.

Oh! And here’s the source code of the neural network’s first prototype.

My transformation into an experienced tech entrepreneur

I must forge new peak experiences. Experiences where I learn to become a successful tech entrepreneur while overcoming the effects of having existed in darkness.

I’m becoming more aware of my evolution into a successful tech entrepreneur. Successful in that I will be able to eventually generate income for myself. And this evolution process is painful due to two of the parameters. That of having to evolve while being blinded by darkness. And that of the process itself, evolving into something very great. There’s more, but let’s not dive deep or care too much here.

The body and mind are weak, not as strong as the heart or spirit. You must prepare your body and mind to serve your soul.

Binding honor

Nonetheless, I shall endeavor to undo a decade of otherworldly darkness while building a new decade of light. That is my commitment.

That speck of light grows larger as I make progress toward it.

That’s fortune.

That’s worthy of gratitude, Dva.

I’ll evolve so that I can obtain a seat in the global economy.

February 2, 2018