Nothing can faze a startup founder

Great things are ahead.

I’m struggling to decide whether I should pursue employment in the new (to me) field of the tech industry or that which I’m familiar with, which is common, unskilled labor jobs. I’m an entrepreneur that’s aware of risk and reward. The tech industry promises much, it seems, but the risks that I see–and am having a bias toward, but for good reason it now seems–may be bad.

The biggest reason that obtaining a tech, i.e. coding, job is proving to be so difficult for me is that my cognitive and behavioral differences are so great that I appear to be a… less than ideal fit to organizations. A shame, we could’ve made tons of revenue together.

I may be wrong or whatever.

On the bright side, my cognitive exoticness will give me a ridiculously unfair competitive advantage when I unlock new markets and serve them as an independent maker. So, hurray for having a growing bias toward that data!

happy cheer

Choosing a regular, unskilled labor job may be the better choice, because it’s a safer risk and I’m more familiar with the disadvantages of it, thereby being able to manage them well. Also, it seems that those kind of jobs are easier to obtain.

The worst case scenario is bad as fuck, which involves an actual minimum wage job such as fast food or retail. Let’s make it slightly better. After all, I would rather work a factory job than fast food or retail again.

I will know what desperation feels like as a human, as the low amount of local economic opportunities I have will create low probabilities for success–but it’s still not impossible. Oh well, I’m similar to Malcolm X’s ghetto hustler:

“[In the face of overwhelming odds], the ghetto hustler is internally restrained by nothing. The ghetto hustler is forever frustrated, restless, and anxious for some action. Whatever he undertakes he commits himself to it fully, absolutely.”

Having those attributes works out for me. A startup founder working a common job for nearly a decade? Startup life is hard, but a startup founder can handle anything.

I almost can’t believe that I’m saying this, but, honestly, and ultimately, it doesn’t really matter–nah, it does matter! Picking the right choice will get me what I want in the end (and pick it now, Dva, as time is never really on my side), as I’m playing the long game. I’ll be able to reach the end game, which involves me doing the equivalent of grinding to obtain a high rank in the Aion MMORPG game. I may not be able to reach the highest rank reserved for only one person, the Governor rank, but being a one-star army officer isn’t so bad, as that is quite a title to behold too.

The bottom line is that trying to get a coding job is actually not an option that I should pursue. I’ll instead obtain a low-class job (but not too low) in my local economy and endure with a success mindset and positivity.

Other things


I’m currently writing a blog post that’s a hip tutorial on how to do some coding things, which involves showing how to force HTTPS to be used by Express.js apps. I’ve also started to write the draft for my How to Make a Neural Network blog post, which will take several months to finish.

I also may need to write a blog post entitled How to Draw a Fucking Line in D3.js as the method for drawing a line in D3.js is not intuitive. The good coder in me is aware of how unwieldy D3.js’s methodology looks (and that’s my coder’s opinion), which is disappointing considering the hype surrounding the charting library.

Dva’s foothold in text classification

I’m still making an automated news service that will have robot journalists with kind biases. The prototype or initial release will have the bare essentials needed to make it happen.

Not right now, but after the initial version is developed, I’ll use a better sentence representation than the bag of words model, which is a simple representation of a sentence that a machine learning algorithm can use to act on. My plan would still include the bag of words model. But it would then include more features so that a numeric score for sentences can be obtained. It may become partially sparse and extremely large, but I sincerely believe that a person’s words hold so many fragmented truths about them.

A return to Kawaii Ketchup

Oh, and I still have Kawaii Ketchup to tend to, especially as I now have data that shows that there’s a market need for such a kawaii game.

confident kawaii

February 23, 2018