Walking the path of tech entrepreneurship

I have good news!


I believe that the above model is typical of starting up a business.

While searching for a regular job, I remembered that I have software development/engineering skills which will allow me to basically make things. I can and have made video games. I also was making that sprite sheet web app.

At this point in time, I decide to pursue the option of making and selling software as an independent individual. I likely won’t be making much in the beginning, I predict, but in the far future, I believe that I will gain traction (thanks, data science and statistics!). I have faith in the above-mentioned model–of course, I’m tolerant to the idea of being wrong and I welcome criticism and advice.

That would also allow me to go back to making video games (yay!). I still would need to chase data science skills, because it’s very powerful and useful. I just need to manage my time carefully and manage my efforts well. For instance, I wouldn’t be trying to let learning 3D game development block an important task like finishing a simple web app that needs the attention.

Of course, it’ll be tough (reeeeeaalllyyy tough), buuut I have an insane amount of knowledge, intelligence, grit, passion, luck, etc.


And I of course decide to “do it now.”

October 24, 2017