Exploiting the constraints of the Gemini Project

I’m not currently making progress with the Gemini Project. So I began “questioning my assumptions” (not words I use), or more accurately and realistically, I investigated looking for what system principle was at fault for causing the system’s goal from not being currently achieved.

Close up of new attack animation

For instance, I was maybe wrong about how feasible it is for me to currently do level creation using the Blender 3D modeling utility, subject to my constraints of course.

The Gemini project fortunately has a constraint that can be exploited by me. The project’s purpose, and its only purpose, is to obtain data, science, knowledge, lessons learned, technology, and experience that will enable me to develop a 3D multiplayer game. And with that flexible constraint in place, I can endeavor with it being acceptable to make a 3D singleplayer game that will not resemble the future 3D multiplayer game at all–provided that the time constraint is being satisfied of course.

After the Gemini project, all the utilities gained from it will be used for the benefit of that 3D multiplayer game that must be made before this year ends. With this new courage and self-control, I begin to endure the trying planned three months of product development.

And I must not forget my commitment to my vision and the courage to realize it despite anything.

January 3, 2019