Exploiting constraints with great heart and great strength

Thanks to my inspirations and strength, a new utility factor for converging to prosperity has been created.

I will not buy a domain name for this startup (the Pantsu versus Baka Project) to satisfy my cost constraint. Since performance is my most flexible constraint, this performance failure is acceptable. The domain would look something like pantsuversusbaka.mooo.com, using a free sub-domain service.

The user accounts and sessions system using SQLite was being developed, but I’ve decided to change to a new system. To keep costs down and not expend a lot of development effort, I will not implement user accounts. User accounts are like an experimental technology to me anyway and I would like to have a reliable system. I will instead use a donation-based business model and rely on donations. Relying on donations isn’t as cool or high performing as using a monthly subscription business model, but this failure is acceptable because performance is this project’s most flexible constraint.

The new Orange Pi Zero server backend was being constructed and would have been hosting the game, but instead of expending the effort to make my own platform, I’m using itch.io for facilitating donations. I was hesitant to do that, because I believed that when donations are enabled on itch.io, donations are asked for when the game starts and that would have affected potential new players’ perceptions. That would have warranted a system redesign, such as the discontinuing of outbound marketing.

Above all, I must not abandon the faith that prosperity lies beyond. And I want to reach prosperity for that is my ambition.

August 17, 2018