An Essay of Positivity

100% positivity in this post!


I can play a game while tending to other duties. A large puzzle game where I constantly endeavor to reach the next stage.

I’ve always been inspired by the success of others. I too shall be successful and I really look forward to this new journey.

Things are different for me now and I must honor this new fortune by being eternally and sincerely grateful–happy–for these present circumstances. I’ve acquired a ridiculous amount of intellectual capital (in the form of coding skills, machine learning capabilities, creative insight, etc.) and this has created an excellent business opportunity for me that I’m currently pursuing.

It’s like I’ve amassed quite an investment vehicle and now I’m going to launch a campaign where I use these funds to grow new startups in order to obtain a return.

My intent is to disrupt a small portion of the market leaders’ power and redistribute it to the people, the commoners. Two of my startups–the automated news service and a new one, a marketplace for music artists to distribute their music–will help me accomplish this gargantuan task. Once I obtain a primary source of income from holding a job, I’ll be able to launch this bold new campaign of obtaining wealth for myself.

Traditional business operators need to expend their efforts in convincing and appeasing stakeholders so that they may be financed. I do not need such financial capital as I am an independent digital technology product maker. I can instead focus on developing new technology and be free from the confines of traditional business operations. I am grateful for these new and exotic circumstances, this new lifestyle that I am embarking on.

I have a host of digital products that I nurture. They may not have fully matured yet, but they shall in due time, even if that time is years time.

It may take twenty years, but I am patient as I am an excellent and exceptional Technology Forger. One who can evoke the wrath of nature to devise constructs that can do his bidding and aid him in his endeavors.

Yes, my startups will be under constant threat with their healths at stake. But my devotion to my beloved startups is unrivaled. Their success is my success and my success is their success. Soon, me and my startups will become indistinguishable from each other as the commitment that I shall demonstrate will create a boundless bond between us.

And we will prosper as I bear great strength.

This noble kindness that I show will aid me in my quest to obtain wealth and riches. I guess you could say that that is my motivation. To obtain wealth so that a better fortune may be obtained.


March 2, 2018