Entrepreneur's Effectuation

Let us not forget what we are.

Five months and a fortnight ago, I asked this question:

What kind of multiplayer game do I want to make and for whom?

Yet, the question still remains unanswered:

[W]hom (as in what market) should I serve? And what (as in what game product) should I make for them?

Then I appear to be a bad startup founder, unable to know what the markets are, not able to know what consumers want.

But let us not end the party just yet, okay?

I can still leverage what I have and have achieved, present effects borne from my toils and the past. Else I would be a really bad startup founder if I didn’t have such a process of effectuation.

This negative utility factor of the success I seek that lasted for so long, that unanswered yet important question, can be resolved and indemnified by a positive utility factor. But first, I must provide the coveted answer to the thought provoking question: what should I make and for whom?

The answer? The right answer?


The answer is nothing because I only care for the solution which involves nondominated values. That which is all important.

And to make nothing, and for no one, would facilitate convergence to those nondominated values–because the making of a product à la as an indie maker is but one general means to the end of those values that I have a strong passion for.

I have other means–present effects with which to use for my benefit which is, ultimately, a nondominated solution to a multiobjective function optimization problem.

What is one such means?

Let’s just say that you may expect me to provide more free scientific knowledge and technology. For that is part of the new system that I intend to successfully engineer.

And let us not forget that the Prosperity program exists and its objective of mending the world before the year 2020 must be achieved. An achievement that requires profound optimism, courage, and ability for it is no small or easy feat as the functions of the world require us to bear those great utilities in order to achieve great things.

May 23, 2019