Making a Commercial Game! Part Five: Down but not out!

If this was an RPG, I would be a great character!

I’m not sure about this being a nightmare. But whatever it is, I must decide to believe that I will persist and then take action to transcending the nightmare, to seek strength.

If I do not believe that I will persist, then I surely will not escape the nightmare.

I have to keep walking forward,

covered in darkness,

toward that glowing treasure,

past the sorrow that blocks me.

And if I fall, then I’ll just get back up.

pointy shirou

No matter what trials I may face, my devotion to getting what I want will never falter.

On a lighter note!

happy shirou

I created running animations for the player avatar. The latest version is up here on my

I have a list of things to do for the game, things to add, things to change, more to come!

Here’s a .gif of the latest iteration of the game showing the running animation!

wee bit of progress

November 26, 2017