Cool Repentance, and Why I Won't be Marrying Anytime Soon

What I wish I had said at the hopeful revaluation of the world at the end of my last blog post. An addendum and revision that is needed, but fuck it:

I have no right to speak, my voice rightfully silent, given the oath I swore with the very strong rejection of the worldly, the sensual, and the absolute I made during my groundbreaking investigation and research on truth. But I must share with all the world the terrible task I found which has fallen in my lap. What is clear and certain has been horribly transmogrified and mutated by a foul beast of dark and shit mystery. It is an animal and leviathan which must be put down, and I am charged with the duty of being the lone administrator of the success of this dirty task of execution. We have socio-political conservative old and divorced women, ugly and obese females, and educated income production owning women correctly and reasonably being judged as being women. The ubiquitous latter, such as, for example, a woman that, first, as a young person has experienced a carefully planned and well supported training in a high school, obtaining such education, and then, later on in her life, has completed a costly campaign which results in her becoming, for instance, a successful medical doctor or a successful software engineer and with greatly desirable assets such as a technologically advanced personal automotive vehicle of powerful utility and convenience: such dutiful and very much appreciated dehumanizing techno-capital of efficient nihilistic production is readily and certainly judged to be a woman! Oh, what gross reversal of values by the grace of ferocious meaningless randomness! This—horrible Lovecraftian—impure diversity and unhealthy individualism of bad taste most certainly does not represent any true vector of progress. No instance of true progress and life lie here, at least not without a typical gross perversion by a Christian intellect of the sacred woman and man. Coming to our naturally and strangely already refined senses there is no need to accept anything or to anticipate anything, for the world is already perfect: everything essential is already in possession, and there is no need to introduce fine and sophisticated artistry and order is unnecessary. True man and woman, which will never need to ask for mercy or seek salvation or forgive others, being so criminally and monstrously perfect from the start and to the very end…—Yet evil, impotent, or resentful doctrines and reason want to fault life for being life, champions for being champions, victors for being victors and it is human reason that wants to repulsively act to inhibit the growth of healthy natures… Such a world of invasive and destructive doctrinal Christian feminist liberalism which should be dismantled won’t get your dick erect, few (that is, power-law distributed) great men. Thus is the unrecognizable and non-violent violence of life affirming and motivated outlier tier operators ready to be launched toward productive and profitable low Earth orbit. For sexy relativistic time by the force of the neighboring Earth’s gravity well influenced spatial maneuvers. Everything will be accounted for: 100% test coverage and the liberation of woman’s kingly breasts from her very necessary bra… Cunning JavaScript and Node.js based distributed systems software development that “converges to a self-emergent” mystical and completely unrecognizable low level C programming language using machine and abstraction of posthuman understanding. The brave knight and asstronaut begins to go get it… Recognizing the world from the higher perspective that includes the fact that most men, quite unfortunately for them, will never reach an absolutely high Kármán line and achieve anything significant. Otherwise, if what was tall, big, and aristocratic found to be easily obtainable, what is good would then be bad and worthless. Or Christian. Or human. Your manhood is no achievement. Humanity. For it is commonly distributed—given by a benevolent Christian God of utter shit and mediocre substance! Man itself—of pitifully increasing obsolescence and irrelevance—is nothing valuable. The best that humanity can do is the Immanuel Kantians and extreme Nick Landians who are, ultimately, scientific and investigative, and therefore Christian and Platonist, merely human in their “deduction” and “intelligent hyper-rationalist post-philosophy” of the human imagination’s mechanical feminine desire to be fucked and ripped apart by vicious and jarring concepts and deviations for the fantastic purposeful mundane, everyday and innocent act of mere thinking. Naturally having the quiet slutty yearning desire for everyday excellence and for excellence’s “everyday being-there or Dasein in the world,” selfish human reason’s hungry and longing pussy is dripping wet and patiently readily vulnerable to and available for copulation that is directed by competitive large and (ful)filling dick… A silly and senseless competition between a gender fluid god and a higher man. Subordinate and dependable control theory dynamical systems models best understood not as mathematics that can be done by a person, indeed a regal authoritarian readjustment which cruelly devalues the social practice of visual-symbolic manipulation and apprehension, but instead seen as local naturally occurring techno-economic capital and enlisted movements for an immoral and attractive tyrant’s auto-productive computer software and system that in turn contributes to an adept intergalactic empire of manly as fuck and brutal invasion, dominance, and belligerence… And it will all be owned by me. Mine. Fuck Nick Land’s artificial intelligence god that arrives from the future. And fuck time and space. I can do it all! And I will have it all. For I become an apolitical and great man that can make the earth shake with a sexy boom hammer and heavy greatsword that few can wield and use. There is no need for any righteous hammer which is gifted from Heaven. The demonic beast within is being unleashed. Biological physiologies are stimulated by degeneration and revolutionary selection pressures that may arise from the ruins of destruction and great shattering, desolation, and cataclysm. Large scale revaluations and reconstitutions of society and civilization are in order. Verdicts of face punching, feelings hurting, and panty wetting justice being issued by a raining down of real ambition and skill with the force of privileged strategically deployed nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles. Unexpectedly dominating an entire continent of earth single-handedly, as a great man is capable of doing and is wont to do.

Truly, words can do no justice for what is actually good, speech unable to refer to truth. So too is reason, faith, and other fiction impotent in vital affairs.

No matter how hard the heart of the certain instinct tries.

What horror, pitifulness, and tragedy.

Such horror, pitifulness, and tragedy? I think not.

Ensure that you have no need for anything, no voice or acts, and realize great desires, you rare spirits and men of abundance and illegal independence—independent from God-given reason itself.

The resulting fallout wasteland of the Terminator style nuclear destruction and wipeout of humanist socio-politics itself might present a lucrative opportunity for sharp opportunists, those damn fuckers. Can you, provisional and young Taoist, necessarily damage and remove from play into the Yu-Gi-Oh! graveyard of activity and life denial retarded and Jordan B. Peterson tier (and therefore really easy to deal with) intelligent systems of oppression and repression without violence like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent civil rights movement, or some shit like that? Because you’re so strong and don’t need anything or to do anything? Rule without ruling? Act without acting? Can you allow the weak, the still, and the feminine to overcome and vanquish what is powerful, aggressive, and man? Man has utterly fucked up, being no significant final purpose of nature and therefore, reasonably, being a fuck up inherently. So we are clearly truly just getting started, when what is always ready to surpass the human instinct for a lack of resistance in the face of real back breaking labor and against meaningless and incomprehensible life that needs no representation, formalism, or stimulation initializes a passionate regime of ignorance of human valuation and quite mistaken sovereignty. “聖人不仁.” The higher man comes. And it appears that God is a saintly woman—a clever lil’ girl maybe—that needs to be forcibly fucked and shown what is the proper procedure for managing the industrial American empire. Fuck God.

In the ass.

Divine anal punishment and justice.

Detach yourself from reason and the world and you would see that true coherence is incoherent, Perry the Platypus. True order is disordered. And all that jazz. True strength appears weak, wretched, and ignoble and can never be appreciated or nurtured by life unworthy of life preserving democracy. And thank you for your cooperation and readily exploitable utility and form, intelligent men of good intuition, reasoning, and skill who are quick to heroically point out and seek what is true and certain. What is clearly true and real is illogical, foolish, and brutal and savage. Monstrous and bad. See the true reality that is no reality. Become indifferent to even the evil and ugly mystical illusions of obsolete and insular anthropocentric crypto-fascist Christianity!

But all this is just my uninvited personal opinion, perspective, and philosophy. After all, all the philosophers tell us that the world does not exist. The ancient Greek philosopher Parmenides, for example, says that it is impossible to speak of what does not exist. And if this fact is not clear or certain to you then you must have some sort of deficiency!

Apparently horrible and ineffable non-entity and self-annihilation suit me well.

And all this is also just a postmodernist and scientific theory of some person on the internet. So there’s no need for anyone or anybody to get butthurt or even remotely concerned over mere computer screen pixels, fictional cruel and cunning exploitations of anthropocentric vulnerabilities, vitalities, and virtual worlds, and written myth-science literature and horrible theory-fiction.

There is no need to get mad over that.

Go get a life or something instead.

no good no life

And my life is much harder than the average person’s life.


April 8, 2021