Commitment to a Vision

It’s important to never give up. As an entrepreneur, I have many constraints, both natural and artificial. But I’m committed to starting up a kawaii 3D multiplayer browser game and I have faith that I will succeed despite anything.

Even though I’m an entrepreneur and I can pivot with my present means, I’m likely going to remain developing the game and not some other type of product.

The monetization of a 3D multiplayer browser game

The primary purpose of making a 3D game is to have optional micro-transactions using 3D models because I don’t like ads and I believe that they negatively impact the player’s gaming experience, even though I’m an entrepreneur and using an ad-based monetization method for the proposed game may the simplest, easiest, cheapest, and therefore best solution. I have integrity and I care about the player. I don’t know if this compassion is a distortion or a detrimental bias, but it is my will.

This proposed monetization effect can even occur way after the release of a minimum viable product or even after minimum viable traction (or product-market fit) has been achieved, but it has to occur before the year 2020, which is the Prosperity program’s primary driving constraint.

Considering this system requirement–and not to mention the technical challenges of implementing the proposed monetization method such as having a database and considering its interaction with other system elements–is one of the challenges I face right now.

Distributed 3D collision detection

As I’ve ascended as a game developer, I now face the challenge of implementing collision detection in three dimensions in a distributed system. I now must deal with the science of the hitboxes that were once unknown to me as mere player of video games, the younger me of yore who had not yet even made a simple video game yet.

Indeed I have grown so much, but there is still much work that needs to be done.

Before I can implement collision detection for the current 3D game concept I have, I must first specify what the game is going to look like, and by extension, what the game will be like. This will help me deal with the issue of making a game server that can accurately provide connected players with collision detection.

This devising of an accurate 3D collision detection subsystem and coming up with a creative game idea challenge is one of the challenges I face right now.

My ambitions

My goal is to make one dollar, not a million dollars. The latter will occur in successive phases. Because this is like playing the Aion MMORPG or Dark Souls game with their themes of gradual improvement.

But this is much harder than Dark Souls. This is like spaceflight where competence and great enthusiasm is required and anything less will result in system failure.

This entrepreneurial journey of mine is like I traveled to the planet Jupiter on a one way trip in search of a magic portal that promises to grant me a new world of untold riches. I cannot return to my home world of Earth because the spacecraft I used does not have the capability to overcome Jupiter’s immense and alien atmospheric pressure to leave the planet and make a return trip.

How do I survive the tremendous atmospheric pressure as I operate below the Jovian cloud tops then? I have the utility of a powerful magical anti-pressure field that is fueled by great darkness, dark magic that was purloined from angels and monsters long ago. I came prepared, mostly due to privilege.

And how do I deal with the tremendous radiation of Jupiter? I don’t as the radiation was not properly accounted for–it couldn’t have been properly accounted for–and the planet’s radiation has penetrated my ship’s shields, hull, and my flesh. So, physiological damage has been sustained. Not to mention the time constraint that this effect creates.

But that is okay.

That’s alright.

The reward I desperately, and passionately, seek will contain a cure for my metaphorical radiation poisoning that I incurred. The reward of prosperity.

I only need to not give up.

I only need to succeed, achieving system success.

And my faith in the future will enable that effect of prosperity as will my commitment to Prosperity.

February 26, 2019