Web D.va is undergoing a transformation

Bottom Line, Up Front: I’m changing what Web D.va is all about. I’m re-focusing my efforts.

Web D.va’s path to power

Web D.va is young and he is still finding himself, looking for the answer to what should he do for a living.

In the quest for answers, he sought great strength as he was aware that capabilities come before opportunities. As such, for eight months since the beginning of the year, he obtained web development skills and knowledge, increased his ideation ability and creativity from game development, and gained exposure to advanced topics like algorithms and data structures and machine learning.

Possessing great compassion and love, during his journey of strength, he decided to share his story and his work with others. He regularly promised to deliver many deliverables, such as both hip and non-hip video games and any other creative thing he could think of using his growing creativity skills.

Barring the fact that D.va developed a habit of over-promising and under-delivering, he came to the conclusions that he may be inconsistent with his brand and that he may be engaging in work that may have too large a scope.

Also, making good games is difficult and time consuming and, more than likely and more importantly, is detrimental to Web D.va’s ultimate goals.

Believing this, he sought to change how he did things, to change what he was doing.

Remembering his goal of finding a way to earn a living, he came up with the strategy of changing his brand. His plan is to now specialize in something (possibly machine learning) so that he can become highly desirable in the job market and business world.

Realizing that he would have to sacrifice previous activities like making games, he felt a certain type of void and he felt like a traitor to potential fans, but to those thoughts he replied,

“Nah, fam, it’s cool! I picked up skills and knowledge that will help me in my future endeavors. I can still find the intersection between waifu and technology.”

And so began a new array of efforts.

September 26, 2017