Beyond Courage and Commitment

I’m experiencing a “down” (not a word I use to describe such things).

I decided to do a very soft-as-fuck launch of my multiplayer game startup as I’m only letting people know about it with this codex entry and not other media such as my Twitter or the website. I also don’t have any form of analytics on the launched product. I don’t even have my feedback form installed into the game thereby having no way for me to receive feedback on the product’s performance.

But at least the game has been technically released to the public.

The link to the game:

So, I just launched the Initial Product Release of my multiplayer browser game startup. It happened nineteen days after the first git commit.

I might call the game or to have a short domain name.

I’m planning on promoting the Initial Product Release on Hacker News (as a “Show HN” post) and on an HTML5 game development forum, but I’m not going to share it right now because I’ve encountered some technical development difficulties. Namely that I may have an Initial Product Release, but I don’t have a minimum viable working product. That is, the realized product idea isn’t currently minimum or viable.

You can play it. You can shoot and kill other connected players, but that’s all there is to it right now.


I really like the simple kawaii neko aesthetic I made, though.

Technology issues

I highly likely need to migrate to the ws Node.js WebSocket library because of random disconnection occurrences I’m having with the library. On the client-side, I’ll be using the browser’s native WebSocket API. These more involving utilities may place a new constraint on the game thereby forcing me to make a more simple game–and different from what I currently envision.

Great trials

The integrity of the system that I’m engineering and operating currently isn’t looking pretty. I still have an imposing and great marketing campaign to conduct. I’m having trouble realizing my product idea. Perpetual cognitive biases interfere with and degrade my performance in many dimensions.

My response?

Keep going

I seek that which lies beyond courage and commitment. I have the fortune of being composed of good integrity, but my current strength fails to satisfy the new parameters that I have discovered while traversing my new space. I seek greater strength that can further optimize my utility factors. Indeed I am using–and will be using–my great courage, commitment, and integrity that I already possess to enhance my capabilities and obtain that greater strength.

A portion of that greater strength I seek is the means of always being aware that the thought of me not being able to succeed in my endeavors is naught but a distortion of reality, for it is not impossible for me to achieve the accomplishment of that great task I ultimately seek. Once this great challenge of obtaining that greater strength ends, a new challenge may erupt.

But no matter what trials I may face, my devotion to fulfilling my ambitions will never waver.

November 20, 2018