An Attempt to Tame Morphing Complexities

A discussion on a representation of the world and aesthetic that is much better than entrepreneurship: legitimate lordship. Also, this is a rather dark blog post…

So you probably shouldn’t read this if you can’t fathom and stomach truth. And I hope that you don’t personalize what I say if you do choose to proceed—especially as that would be rather… unprofessional of you. You’ll need strong ergodic skills, artistic and creative insights that only a brave, bold, and beautiful high level ninja or painter can know, to read this profound text of philosophy and theory. If you can’t comprehend the proposed idea that this paragraph that you’re reading right now is actually metadata for the text, then you may have to practice your reading craft some more… And you have to listen to the song starting from the beginning!


A new landscape has emerged as a result of a chaotic mixture of monstrous desires and opinions. This exposition is the presentation of a theory for successfully operating in the new reality or environment. Thanks to the frightening socio-politico-economic maneuvers of incumbent and reigning power structures, webdva is forced to adapt and change with a transformation of internal mechanisms, foreground perspectives, and value structures, despite having advanced and magical powers, determination, and strength. Perceive this as the inspiration of a novel and revolutionary mechanization that surprisingly and amazingly also functions as a narrator and announcer that’s on your side. Perhaps, then, this reading of the book by you is your becoming webdva. As part of a cool, interconnected or interrelated hive mind collective whose constituting elements’ contradictory positions and times are valid under quantum superposition principles, or maybe just really fast communications between nodes (just a weak and quick attempt to propose and suggest a perception for curious intellects). What do I do now, given the circumstances? It’s simple, really: win, according to reason only, the most powerful of forces and institutions in the world (and also Ayn Rand’s secret abusive and selfish boyfriend), and not any moral prejudice or detrimental emotion or presumption, thus being one with the 天下の道, achieving 無心の心, a mystical Zen state (“the flow”) which is highly coveted by power seeking geeks commonly found in the tech industry and weaboos. And hard work only leads to decadence while the master sage works without doing anything.


The signifier “free as in free speech” said in fiery and passionate responses to innocent civilians in the context of discussions of free and open source software is actually the dangerous tool and weapon of a violent perspective that selfishly seeks power: a liberal champions an ascetic ideal under a false pretense of true and objective value (they just want attention and they’ll do anything to get it and they also want to identify as useful libertarians, so you can safely ignore them and their identity politics and you should do so if you want to get to work). Crypto-authoritarians no different from academics or intellectuals who attempt to relay with their blog posts and writings distributed “data governance” power structures in the name of digital privacy, a non-essential—and, really, imaginary—good (they too just want something under the pretense of essential political issues and with marketing pushes that you can safely ignore: income from selling their useless products and services). Real value…—for the heart that needs to breathe at high altitudes to live life, like a cruel fire breathing dragon—is the contractual transaction between a rare producer who builds free and public infrastructure and an affluent private organization that appropriates and subsidizes the roaming free intensity and nomad like producer. And yes, neofeudalism induced by modern automation devalues the independence of entrepreneurship to the case where individual above average intellectual capital and energy should be territorialized by the dominant prefecture of the regional enclave—or else the nomad may suffer a fate of undesirable and morally bad mediocrity. It will be the screamed words of mathematical objects combined with automation’s geist that deems the defiance of the entrepreneur to be punishable by dangerous and lonely exile and not any social body. Opposing the behemoth that is the combination of nihilism and modern automation, with plebeian internet denizens spouting fantastical theories and opinions/facts, realized containers of ascetic ideals and escapes from sad lives, who function as run-of-the-mill or ordinary enemy characters à la the plentiful depressed hollowed mobs from the Dark Souls series games: a dangerous game where the fate of ambitious and courageous souls hangs in the balance against the backdrop of an opportunistic desert that will eventually be turned into green grass and pastures—and yes, a safe space where you can digest and enjoy the exact same kind of delicious cake that is commonly found in drawings of Hatsune Miku and other, yet more kawaii, idols and ideals. The ingestion of toxic graphite and lead by the skin’s pores of the traditional, persistent and amazingly patient artist who uses pencils to draw realistic fantasy art is the becoming of his or her privilege of enjoying ad hoc complicated works of fiction at any time, a phenomenon that is similar to the present lordship transformation issue. The lordship that is to replace entrepreneurship comes from the factors of feudalism. So that means that responsible, ethical, and competent kings, vassals, lords, and possibly utilized serfs will be new essential and influential identities within this hypothetical context as we work together to forge a world that lies beyond our embarrassing traditions based on nonsense, ignorance, and unfitness. An attempt to predict the future for the sake of fruitful investments. So there’s no need for any presumptuous rushes to erroneous conclusions, especially if the whole process of thinking is founded on mistaken certainties, mere assertions of power for a particular form of life’s dominance. If the spirit of emergence does not have the power needed to validate this narrative in the register of an independently existing registrar meant to contain physical and sensual truths, then, for the sake of such atavistic aesthetics (and so I can be a lord or vassal), the objectivity should be accelerated, the tragic spirit of medieval affects (feelings given to the epistemological subject by the understanding’s subservient sense perception faculties) fed and nourished by even bored casual fantasy cyberpunk “cosplays” just by the writing or authorship of amazing and inspiring artistic stories which should be shared on widely accessible social media platforms. The artist of great creativity has just as much strength as nature and, in fact, creates a world of his or her own design. Art is, thus, a rebellion against a great force. A strong, healthy, fit, and inspiring artist of unprecedented power… can consciously influence all elements of his or her imagination’s (or understanding’s—of the Kantian kind as presented in the Critique of Pure Reason) sense data synthesis, like how God or the λόγος determine everything. Having written such a dangerous blog post, I realize that I may now be perceived and regarded as a crazed, incomprehensible, and obscure mystic and conspiracy theorist. Well, at least I’m not Ayn Rand, the biggest grifter of the twentieth century and one of the most powerful sith lords we have ever seen. At least I don’t have to disseminate pseudoscientific and horrendously biased and prejudiced politics and information like Jordan B. Peterson, Ayn Rand’s successor for modern times who wants you to clean your room so that he can install an automatic philosophical zombie that converts people to docile and tamed neoreactionary Christianity that, “low key,” wants to literally enslave you and repress your freedoms and passions, a terrible plan to conquer the world, but maybe ultimately no different from what the Combine alien faction did to the humans in the Half-Life 2 video game. Besides, educational and informative projects and efforts that are meant for a large population don’t have much valuable content. In short, I have better metaphysics and I have the power of advanced mathematics (and science and engineering) at my disposal, so I’m pretty much winning now in this world you call life and reality. Because remember that I still have profound courage, strength, and endurance meant to suffer a profound life whereas you probably don’t, such is your human nature. But this is in accordance with the way of the world, a necessary covenant between masculine and feminine libidos. So it’s okay that you’re not me and it’s okay that I’m not you (and no certainty or faith need be involved to “know” such unfair truth). Do not try to intellectually or spiritually resist such objective nature as that would not be in accordance with 道. Humans should be content with what nature has provided them lest they suffer the consequences of resistance… Don’t get mad. Don’t get mad at what you are. You’re only human and you should be happy. You’re human… All the wisdom that you have ever accrued in your life is not wisdom that can enable a soul to reach the height of lightning. Rather than longing for and seeking dangerous wisdom, you should choose to be good instead! Be good! Let soaring dragons be concerned with the evils and complexities of freezing cold temperatures that only a high altitude soul can know, those dragons whose scales must then transform and harden… adapting to unprecedented and distant environments where the stars of the universe may live, while you desire the good and the simple—the human type of life! Be good!

December 23, 2019