Achievements I long for

There is a great fortune that lies ahead for me.

Bottom line, up front: I want to be the best and strongest tech entrepreneur ever.

So, I’m willing to undergo a very extremely long journey of building and nurturing new startups. I wish to acquire better complexity management skills as well as divine knowledge in creating and using advanced technology to influence socioeconomic factors.

I declare a new manifesto.

I plan to obtain forty years of experience as an independent digital product maker or tech entrepreneur. Those long years will be part of the price I pay for the vast power and wealth I seek.

The first decade will require that I endure the drudgery of underemployment and misemployment. But as I’ve said previously before, all that I endure will be for my true desires.

It’s imperative that a startup founder acquire a high physical stamina. After all, it’s hard to work for eighteen hours a day if he does not possess the physical strength for doing so (and, yes, that is the kind of lifestyle I voluntarily seek, as it is required). Having above average physical endurance is part of the operational requirements for being a high-performing tech entrepreneur that adheres to a high standard of excellence.

So, I also have the challenge of obtaining greater physical strength.

All that I do now will have a compounding effect on the future. So, it’s also imperative that I presently cultivate a stunning success mindset and hyperawareness, which is what I am doing.

Having forty years of experience as a tech entrepreneur is pretty hardcore, to say the least. By this time, I will have had obtained unimaginable wisdom, as well as a new behavior that would inspire all.

Indeed, great fortunes lie ahead for me, but there are also great fortunes that I already possess.

March 30, 2018