A special type of tech entrepreneur

In a class of my own.

With the strength to forge realities and transcend paradigms, I choose to adopt the lifestyle of being a hardcore tech entrepreneur.

Why do I pursue this ideal and so feverishly?

I have divine aspirations to fulfill. A vision to execute.

On the road to fulfilling my divine aspirations, even if I may face a number of overwhelming challenges, I will meet anything with overwhelming strength. If I do not have enough strength, then I shall pursue greater strength with a divine heart. And if my heart is not divine enough, then I shall endeavor to obtain a greater heart.

But I do bear greater heart. I do bear greater strength. And I am facing mammoth challenges.

So my fate is sealed, then, with eventual success.

The probability of success

The best predictive model that I have currently for how likely it is to succeed in long campaigns such as this involves these parameters:


It’s often in the form of intelligence and knowledge. It can be gained from the effort of obtaining greater Strength and from experience. For example, when I made an effort in obtaining machine learning skills and had the experience of using those skills to make the precursor for my automated news service, my Strength increased. Wisdom can be considered a form of Strength.

Strength can be limited by one’s Divinity. For instance, men who are not able to recognize and transcend inferior paradigms are often unable to because they possess little Divinity.


Passion and commitment can be thought of as Heart. Having an unwavering devotion would tremendously help increase the probability of success. With the strength of Heart, you can encourage yourself to endure a relentless lifestyle.


Influenced by Divinity a wee bit, it’s your physical health and fitness as well as your mental health and fitness and ethical behavior. As such, a positive mental attitude can be considered essential.

Heart can also be considered a part of Constitution. For example, men who are not ambitious have poor constitution as they possess little Heart.


It’s how divine you are. A high Divinity will often yield great fortune and can shield you from bad Luck. A low Divinity will make you grotesque as fuck and that is just bad.


Ever since the universe was born, existence itself prescribed fates to its inhabitants. Some of those inhabitants were given less-than-excellent Luck and that is just too bad for them! Both Divinity and Luck are similar to each other and Luck can influence Divinity and all the other parameters.

There’s other parameters and stats too, like Vitality, Faith, and Focus.

Some of my objectives

  • Increased socioeconomic status. Just like in Aion, I intend to grind for glory. I wish for a better rank.

  • Increased net worth. Becoming a billionaire during these forty years of being a tech entrepreneur would be a bonus objective, like a side quest that yields awesome rewards.

  • Increased physical fitness and health. Achieving an above average and excellent physique will yield a better quality and quantity of life, to say the least.

  • Japanese language proficiency. Just like how I intend to engage in a decades long campaign of being a tech entrepreneur, I also want to have decades of experience with the Japanese language. Having such a lot of time with the language will help me to rival native speakers, a noble achievement.

  • Machine learning capabilities. Decades of experience in this field too, because that would be so awesome, to say the least! The power gained from such a feat would be overwhelming.

  • Decades of experience as an independent game developer. I’m still an indie game developer in addition to being a tech entrepreneur. Kawaii Ketchup will be but one of my games that I develop over a long period of time (maybe three to five years). After Kawaii Ketchup, I’ll make other games too, each one benefiting from my experience with its predecessor. I got time. Lots of time. Decades.

Smaller objectives

  • Create a free digital music marketplace. As an aside, I want to develop this product’s prototype in ninety days not for determining product-market fit, nor for determining if I can build such a thing in ninety days, but because it simply would be beneficial to do so. If I fail to meet that deadline, then it would be okay. Not excellent, but okay.

  • Create my automated news service. This ambitious startup could take less than a decade to hard launch, even though I almost could’ve completed the prototype in less than a few months had I not decide to look for employment. I want to implement the machine learning algorithms myself so that I can benefit from such an experience in the future, so this startup may definitely take a long time to mature. I’m playing the long game anyway.

  • Finish developing Kawaii Ketchup. I’m proud that I’ve made such a game and of its current state. When I first started development on this game as a startup, I never would’ve thought that I would ever consider working on it for three or so years as that’s what I’m planning on doing now. The game will become so much better for it and it’ll become very polished, thanks to the amount of years of effort that I shall put into it.

  • Iterate on Bakayoutube. This startup may not yield any revenue at all, but I’d still like to develop it further and provide a free service to users (and let it function as a type of marketing for me). I still want to develop a service that lets people download entire Youtube music playlists in one go as .mp3’s as that’s one of the main reasons why I made this service.

  • $10,000 total annual revenue. Once I make such an amount with the effects of my startups, I’ll be able to finally be free from needing to work shitty jobs that I’m not great for with shitty lesser men in my shitty low-class socioeconomic area that I hate. I could then maybe even start travelling. This would take maybe seven years.


Working two jobs

The first and most important job, the one I really care about, is, of course, these startup endeavors. That is actually my main job and any other job, such as with an employer, will only exist to benefit my startups. Nothing short of excellent time and energy management will be used by me.

In fact, if I could obtain $5,000 of annual revenue, then I would have no need to work for an employer. I would still have a low socioeconomic status, but under much more pleasant circumstances as I would be an independent professional in the technology field and I would not have to rely on working for a low-class employer. No need to think in absolutes.

That would speed up my path to freedom and that is an exciting and pleasant prospect.

Or, instead of working for an employer, I could assume the huge risk of trying to generate income myself solely with a startup. Another path that I could pursue.

Positive mental attitude

My darkness doesn’t control me, but it is a part of me. I’m not fucked. Far from it.

Failure? I know how to deal with that.

I will always have at least one positive thing going for me and that is the possibility for success existing as I believe that it is my destiny to obtain untold riches as I am an outlier. To fulfill this divine prophecy, I must face these challenges that I have as a hero would. I possess excellent Strength, Heart, Constitution, and Divinity. I also know and believe that there lie greater fortunes and I shall endeavor to find and obtain them.

In fact, I already possess some great fortunes that I can focus on. I was once a soldier. I have highly advanced cognitive abilities. I have an excellent physiology. I have web development skills. I have machine learning skills and knowledge. I can read, write, and speak Japanese. I have an excellent command of language. I’m very creative. I have great ambition. I adhere to a high ethical behavior. I’m very honorable. I fervently believe in excellence. Others rarely can hold a candle to me. I made many video games. I just started on my noble tech entrepreneurship journey and lifestyle.

So, yeah, dva, you’re not fucked. Far from it. Pay no heed to the lesser man within, nor to lesser men without. The evil within and the evil without.

Seek greater strength

I will increase my capabilities so that the effects of such may be leveraged for my benefit. Greater machine learning capabilities. Greater software engineering and development capabilities. Greater business knowledge and skill. Those are some of the powers that I seek.

Ultra Focus

I must remember to keep my focus on my long-term efforts. And when I am engaged with a particular task, I will surrender myself completely to it, giving the entirety of my heart to it. That is Ultra Focus and it yields great productivity.

Final remarks

I never thought that I would ever write a transparent business plan in such a manner as this blog post! Because that’s what this sounds like. I should totally read this blog post every day so that I can remember my goals and my own words of encouragement.

For naught but my greater heart shall encourage me.

April 20, 2018