A Proposal for Making a 3D Multiplayer Game

I’m considering making a 3D multiplayer game as I now have the experience of making a multiplayer game.

One of the main issues would be the 3D art. So, I made an investment in learning 3D modeling by expending effort to make a simple yet cute 3D model:

3D modeling practice

For the 3D model above, there’s probably a way to attach the floating eyes onto the surface of the thing’s body, but I deemed the floating eyes to be sufficient. I tried to make something that looks like cat ears, but I failed as I did not have the experience needed to achieve that task. I also tried to color the eyes, but for some reason, only one of them could be colored. I also wanted to have smooth or round corners, but I wasn’t able to achieve that effect either.

Iteration and practice would be used to gain suitable [1] 3D art capabilities for creating simple and kawaii 3D models with animations, but I must always remember that I have a great goal to achieve before this decade is out. It’s not impossible for me to succeed with my present effects and constraints as I have the courage and strength to succeed.

I got the right stuff.


  1. Since time is the greatest program constraint and performance is the most flexible one, I can fail to make stunning visuals. So, it would be acceptable to employ only basic 3D modeling capabilities. 

November 28, 2018